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What Communist Bloc Countries Do You Collect?

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    Romanian awards are very nice and reasonably priced. IMO Romanian decorations are second in quality only to their Soviet counterpart.

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      As a retired policeman, my interest is in the DDR Polizei apparatus and organs of the MdI and MfS. I am also interested in German law enforcement agencies and uniforms in general from 1914-1990. These agencies include the Volkspolizei, Ordnungspolizei, Sicherheitspolizei, Zollschutz, Postschutz, Bahnschutz, etc. I think the magnitude and complexity of the German Police is interesting, reaching into all aspects of German life.

      I am always interested in buying nice Polizei items. [email protected]



        Too bad that there isn't the option for "Albania" in the poll, I guess we the minority get discriminated


          I voted Soviet Union and North Vietnam, saw the italics......and realized

          I am Rick Lundstrom

          Richard Matheson fans may get it.
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          Don't believe everything you read on the internet, that's how WWI got started.


            I have collected The Military equipment and uniforms of the DDR since I first bought a East German Assault Pack at a Leatherhead Street market in Spring 1990 , my sickness has developed from there , to were I stand today wearing the stuff in fields in the summer months here in the UK since 1993!! .... .
            I also collect soviet stuff with the same effect to me as my DDR Sickness ....................... .
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              Soviet Militaria

              I collect Soviet uniforms, equipment and head gear of combat formations. Infantry, Armor, and Arty. primarily.
              Michael Baskette
              (Collecting the Red Army of the Great Patriotic War and those who fought against them)


                I collect state security/intelligence items (KGB, Stasi, KDS, etc.) from the entire Warsaw Pact.


                  Soviet awards for now but will probably branch off into Bulgaria.


                    For my part, I collect Soviet awards and East Bloc hats and helmets of any kind.

                    But I prefer anything related to the Soviet Union and the DDR.


                      Originally posted by Soviet
                      For my part, I collect Soviet awards and East Bloc hats and helmets of any kind.

                      But I prefer anything related to the Soviet Union and the DDR.
                      I was able to pick up some nice Soveit medals last weekend at the show in Ottawa. Got my eye on a nice Nevsky!!


                        Do you know any show here in Montréal this year ???


                          I believe there is a militaria/gun/medal show in Longueuil on the 14th of November.




                            My name is Adrian Smyczyński. I'm 16 years old and I'm collecting awards for 2 years. I don't restrain myself to any countries, types of medals etc. I collect ALL awards, and I'm also collecting for my satisfaction and artistic purpose. I think every award is uniqe, beautiful, and has an own intresting story of origin.

                            Greetings from Poland! ( in Polish: Pozdrowienia z Polski!)

                            PS.: I have geat knowlege about Polish awards so if someone need help, just call.


                              Welcome to the forum Adrian!

                              Cheers, Ade.


                                Ditto what Ade said. Welcome.

                                Forgot to add. This is the only Polish Warsaw Pact era item I have. Don't know anything about it other than ..... it's a hat :
                                Attached Files
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                                Michael D. GALLAGHER

                                M60-A2 Tank Commander Cold War proverb: “You can accomplish more with a kind word and a ‘Shillelagh’ than you can with just a kind word.”


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