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Chinese Uniforms & Insignia (1955-1965)

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  • tony james
    thanks for the pictures.definetly a suject of militaria unknown to me
    and interesting.


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  • Frank Soon
    Type55 collar tabs
    Top to bottom:
    Armed police corporal
    Police (no rank)
    Military justice officer
    Military museum corporal
    Logistics corporal

    Type55 shoulder boards
    EM had no shoulder boards (except Navy)
    Senior captain (for over coat, technical service personnel wore white boards), Lieutenant, Cadet

    Navy Vice Admiral (overcoat)

    Marshal of the P.R.C

    Type58 officer's rank collar tabs (1958-1965)
    Left (overcoat)
    Colonel (Army)
    Colonel (Air Force)
    Captain (Army)
    Cadet (Army)

    Right (service uniform)
    Lt Col (Army)
    Senior Captain (Air Force)
    Captain (Army)
    2nd Lt (Army)
    Cadet (Navy)

    Lt General (Army)

    General (Air Force)

    Senior Admiral (Navy)

    Marshal of the P.R.C (Overcoat)
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  • Frank Soon
    started a topic Chinese Uniforms & Insignia (1955-1965)

    Chinese Uniforms & Insignia (1955-1965)

    Hi All
    I'd like to post some Chinese uniforms, I guess most of them are unknown to you.

    Type55 uniform (1955-1965)

    Artillery Captain
    Branch insignia on the collar tabs. (Infantry had no branch insignia)

    Armor Major
    Senior officers wore wool uniforms, while junior officers and EM wore cotton ones.

    Female 1st Lt
    Officer's rank collar tabs were introduced in 1958 for service occasion, branch collar tabs and shoulder boards were worn only in formal occasion since then.

    Engineer Sgt
    EM's collar tab is a combination of branch insignia and rank insignia.

    Navy Lt

    Social occasion uniform (Army Major)
    Issued only to senior officers and generals.

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