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Unidentified Polizei 3FT Camo Jacket

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    Unidentified Polizei 3FT Camo Jacket

    I received this very puzzling jacket a few days ago. It appears to be a German Polizei "Einsatz" jacket of a design I haven't specifically seen before. In other words, it shares a lot of features with known Polizei Einsatz jackets, but not exactly. The crazy thing is it's in 3FT desert Flecktarn camouflage. I've never seen anything like that before as the few pictures I've seen of German law enforcement in Afghanistan they are wearing solid color uniforms.

    The only markings in the jacket is some writing (name?) on the inside pocket and a few blue lines of ballpoint pen. Where the label should be is instead a brown outline printed onto the cloth showing where the label should be sewn, I imagine.

    I was able to match standard Polizei velcro patches onto the right arm and chest (see picture). The velcro across the back looks to be the same size as a specialized POLIZEI patch used for jackets like this. The normal one is about 20% wider, however that doesn't work for this type of jacket where there's pleats running from the shoulders down to the hips (both front and back of the jacket). This leaves only the badge on the left arm. I've never seen a German patch in this shape before, however a Luxembourg armed forces patch fits PERFECTLY. Knowing that the Lux forces have a history of using foreign uniforms I checked to see if maybe this was used by Lux Police. Could be, but I couldn't find any evidence for it.

    I'd welcome any feedback people might have about this item. And no, I don't have the trousers


    My bet is Bundespolizei.


    They have created a new unit for special services, like hostage liberations etc, but photos are very rare.


      Unfortunately for me the link does not work.

      Thanks for the thoughts. Certainly Bundespolizei has personnel serving in Afghanistan, or at least did. So I agree that is a good guess.

      The major thing to discover is what the proper left arm badge is. It is not in the shape of normal German law enforcement badges. It is also not a very common shape in general. Yet the Luxembourg badge first 100% perfectly. Strange.

      This is the closest shape I could find. I am not sure if the size is correct and for sure the top is not the same:





        BGS in desert Camo from the link


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