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    Two new stickpins (also shown on my parallel thread on BRK awards).

    First, a 9 mm two-place stickpin combining the Ehrenzeichen des DRK in Gold with the with the Steckkreuz [pinback cross] grade of the Ehrenzeichen des Freistaates Bayern für Verdienste um das BRK [Decoration of the Free State of Bavaria for Service to the Bavarian Red Cross] (compare with the one in post # 7, which has the silver-grade DRK-Ehrenzeichen):
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      ...and a three-place stickpin combining the Ehrenzeichen des DRK with the first-model 40- and 25-year crosses of the Ehrenzeichen des Freistaates Bayern für Verdienste um das BRK. By regulations, only the 40-year grade of the latter should be worn, but such individualisms are not unusual:
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        Size comparison to coins from 4 different countries !
        Ausgezeichnet, just like the info in this thread.



          Thanks! Of course I could simply put a ruler next to them, but I think the coins do a better job at giving a vivid visual impression of just how small these neat little miniatures are.


            Just in, this badge is technically not an award, but a duty badge [Dienstabzeichen] of the DRK's Wasserwacht [Water Rescue Service]. The white enamel was changed to dark blue in 1979. These badges can be found with or without numbers on the reverse side. I have been told that the numbers identified the wearer's unit/duty station.

            These are not to be confused with the Ehrenzeichen der Wasserwacht des DRK [Decoration of the Water Rescue Service of the DRK], which is basically the same badge with an added laurel wreath in silver or gold at the base. (See post # 26 for the Ehrenzeichen).

            The Dienstabzeichen and Ehrenzeichen are also awarded by the BRK. They differ from the DRK ones in that they bear the letters "BRK" on top. (For examples of those, see my parallel thread on BRK awards.) The DRK ones initially had no letters in the top part (as seen here); since 2012, they say "DRK":




              A postscript to the long service stripes/-bars shown in post # 8 - 12:

              Here are a few interesting items that came from an award grouping to a long-serving female Red Cross volunteer. These are long service sleeve stripes that have been shortenend and modified to be worn as "ribbon bars".

              I have seen this several times before. My guess would be that these were used during a transitional period around 1970 when the traditional sleeve stripes were in the process of being replaced by the new ribbon bars. (Perhaps the latter had already been instituted on paper but were not yet available?)

              I also wonder whether service times that were indicated by two sleeve stripes (for example 1 broad + 1 narrow stripe for 20 years) led to two of these "bars" being worn together, side by side or perhaps even one on top of the other?




                Two more examples of the sleeve stripes-turned-ribbon bars, this time the broad and narrow stripe in gold:




                  Here as an interesting and odd 5-place ribbon bar that includes three of the broad sleeve stripes (again, from the width of the ribbons, these are definitely not the 1970-model bars). Two broad silver stripes indicated 25 years of service, one broad gold one 30 years. I would say the recipient had been awarded the 25-year stripes and then the 30-year stripe and decided to wear both on his ribbon bar. The other two ribbons are for the König-Ludwig-Kreuz of 1916 and the first-model Ehrenzeichen des Freistaates Bayern für Verdienste um das BRK (bronze grade for 25 years of service):




                    Just in is this local award from Baden-Württemberg, the Ehrenzeichen des DRK-Kreisverbandes Karlsruhe e.V. [Decoration of the DRK County Association Karlsruhe, registered assocation].

                    The decoration is for service of a particularly meritorious and exemplary nature above and beyond the requirements of the duty positions held, and may only be awarded after a minimum of 25 years of active membership.

                    Full-size badge and stickpin version, both maker marked for H. Dierlamm of Pforzheim:


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                      They are not awards, but just for the sake of completeness: A postscript on the subject of brooches (post # 29).

                      We have seen that they were practically discontinued at some point between 2007 and 2014. Their place was taken by brooch-like metal scarf clips worn on the white-and-red scarf that was now part of female service dress. These indicate nothing more than Red Cross membership and do not reflect the wearer's qualfication- or assignment level.

                      Left: with red and white enamel, right: with red painted center. I don't know if these variants have any significance. (It may be just a first and second pattern. I recall the version on the right, whereas only the one on the left is currently available through Red Cross supply channels. ( https://www.h-dg.de/rot-kreuz-halstu...tml?group=2425 ).





                        As a postscript to post # 13, I just found myself a 75-year Ehrennadel:

                        DRK-Ehrennadel_75-1.JPG DRK-Ehrennadel_75-2.JPG DRK-Ehrennadel_75-3.JPG image_4765999.jpg



                          Another nice little addition, the Ehrenzeichen der Bergwacht / Bergwacht-Ehrenzeichen in the gold grade for 40 years of service as awarded by the state associations of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and Bavaria. Bavaria still uses this model; the others have since replaced it with different ones. Wurttemberg and Hesse also use different models.



                            Just in is this Christmas gift to myself, a three-place miniature ribbon bar (15 mm-wide ribbons) for civilian wear with the BVK, DRK decoration in silver and the long service bar for 40 years:





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