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Civilian Coconut Canteen with BGS cup?

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    Civilian Coconut Canteen with BGS cup?

    here is interesting Kokosnuss canteen, that I found recently. Appear to be civilian model coconut canteen, but with cup painted schwarzgr├╝n. I have seen a few of these cups on postwar M31 canteens also. Most BGS canteens had grey-green cups (proven by colour photos and examples from veterans), so not sure if this is later or variant or?? Read somewhere on German forum (I think?), where one collector claimed, some BGS coconut canteens were pieced together from spare civilian, wartime and postwar parts. There was not any evidence presented, but it could explain rarity of ones with canvas straps, which should be more common according to period photos.

    Straps are mismatched, not sure, if this from factory or repaired. There is some evidence of repairs. Marked with typical civilian markings "Ritter Alfurit D.R.P.a 12" on bottle and "DRP.ang/ HRE 44" on buckle (have seen similar ones with 1950s dates). It has bakelite cap, like earlier BGS models.

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    Here is comparison with late type BGS coconut with leather straps. This one have markings, that one expect for official contracts (HRE 57 instead of Ritter Alfurit). It has also flattened bottom and grey-green cup. BGS messkit (marked ESB 62) in schwarzgr├╝n is for colour comparison with cup. There appear to be different shades of this colour though..




      where the post war canteen made with steel or aluminium as i know the early ww2 canteens were aluminium and they then switch to steel


        postwar cups are aluminium. Steel is mid-late war, not used postwar.

        Very old thread, but i have since confirmed, that is indeed typical markings on many BGS Ritter canteens and not only civilian, because have encountered several almost identical canteens and have another with same markings and cup, but strap from confirmed BGS material.