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Great picture of G1 and Heerestruktur 1 Field Gear

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    Great picture of G1 and Heerestruktur 1 Field Gear

    Team - Earlier today, I stumbled across this excellent photo showing the G1 rifle and HS 1 field gear to great advantage.

    The individual on the left, identified as a U.S. Army cadet, carries the second model "ABC schutzmaske," and the G1 in perfect profile.

    The individual on the right, identified as a W. German cadet (but sporting early Unteroffizier rank on his sleeve), also carries a G1. In addition, he is equipped with the 1st model ABC schutzmaske; the small battle pack with early canteen; and the "oliv" / "Division 59" e-tool in the early web carrier.

    The 1st model ABC schutzmaske was almost identical to the wartime model. The "can" was issued with an olive drab canvas cover. The cover precluded the need for constant painting and lessened the noise made by the old style "can," but had a tendency to retain water. Thus, most of the specimens I've seen are heavily rusted.

    Again, a nice clear photo from 1960, the original source is cited below.

    All the best - TJ

    "U.S. Cadet (Douglas V. Johnson II) and W. German Cadet on a field training problem, W. Germany"

    Source: Army Heritage and Education Center:

    Date: 1960
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    Thanks for the photo, TJ. Unfortunate to not see if soldier wears G3 pouches and strange US soldier has German gasmask!

    I posted this photo recently in another therad but it also good here. The MG-Schütze has same field equipment as in above photo, but with Kokonuß feldflasche. Unfortunately I cannot see if they wear shovel or not.

    This photo also 1960, I think they come from archives (either US or West German).



      TJ and Klaus , thank you for posting these really great pics!
      Interresting the helmet nets and the camo covers these soldiers are wearing.




        Great pic, love those rifles. Doesn't the BW troop's parka seem a bit short? That's a neat canteen he's got.



          Hello, as of which year was the E-tool on the right issued, would it be plausible on a Splittertarn uniform?

          Michel Wijnand


            Most possible this is the ideal folding shovel invented 1959. The textile carrier only was produced 1959/60 and fast exchanged with the leather carrier wich was used up to the late 70ies. As the splinter camo suit was used into the 60ies it may fit.



              Thanks, I learned some interesting details again, so my uniform is already quite extensive now. I still need trousers, shoes, outer helmet shell, and the small backpack with strap. I just bought an early field belt, it's like the grey type with 3 buckles but then green.

              But one thing, I just bought a folding shovel with this kind of cover, but the shovel is marked 1957, is it maybe a test-run or a different version from the '59 one?



                Gents - This picture depicting a Bundeswehr basic training platoon arrived today. It was taken in 1961 at Landsberg/Lech and presented to Fw Ehrentraut in commemoration of his service.

                I thought it interesting in that it depicts wear of all three early Bundeswehr canteens simultaneously. (Note: The designations for the canteens are my own invention. I have however, seen the Reibert refer to the current model canteen on the bottom right as the "oliv" model. The Bundesheer Type 1 was used by both the Austrian Bundesheer and the Deustches Heer. I highly recommend Bernhard's thread on the Bundesheer canteen recently posted on the International Militaria Forum).

                The picture also shows the trainees carrying training hand grenades. I'm not sure if these are the M21 Training Grenade, (Ausbildungshandgrante M 21) or the MK 1 A1 Drill Grenade (Exerzierhandgranate MK 1 A1). In any case they serve to replicate the famous U.S. Mark II and Mark II A1 Fragmentation Grenades (“pineapple grenades”), designated Splitterhangranate MK II by the BW. Other weapons shown include the G3 rifle and MG1 machine gun.

                Finally, the NCO in the foreground appears to be wearing coveralls or a uniform top quite unlike those of his peers off to the left.

                The image of the grenade was found at

                Michel W. - A dummy grenade would be a good addition to your early BW impression.

                Can anybody corroborate the nomenclature I've listed here?

                Thanks - TJ


                  See illustration below.
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                    Nice picture, about the grenade, I have one, but it's painted blue, most likely by the Dutch military, did they also do this in the BW?



                      I have found some of the early handgrenades on our training ground in the 90´s.
                      They are "Übungshandgaranten" (Training grenades).
                      The difference to Ex-Handgaranaten was the possibility to insert a small charge. Pulling the ring the charge would make a light "bang". The grenades were open on the bottom for the pressure of the charge.

                      I will make some pics soon of the grenades.

                      The Exerzier-Handgranaten could not fit the charge. It was for dry handling only.



                        I have a US training hand grenade from the 1960s and there is blue on the handle too. It is possible that the BW hand grenade pictured came from US sources. It is, after all, a US design and so much stuff was supplied to the new BW that it would make sense that some of those materials were hand grenades.




                          Well mine doesn't have a blue handle, but the main body is blue



                            I think, both are right. In Germany today all Training items (mines, hand grenades, rokcets etc) are blue.

                            Maybe the former green or uncoloured grenades were painted overall blue sometimes?


                              BTW, the first picture that TJ posted is apparently of the old cotton winter over trousers and first model parka. The trousers are very rarely photographed and, I believe, are quite hard to find. At least I've seen tons and tons of Filzlaus trousers and only one set of the winter over trousers. Does anybody know what years it was used?



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