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    Originally posted by Michael D. Gallagher View Post
    I love it when seudo-names are changed out for real names (mysteriously happens when members become moderators).

    Welcome Thomas J. Cullinane Jr.

    I wish all the best to both you and to Gordon with respect to the success of this new forum.


    Herr Gallagher - You and Ralph set the bar pretty high over on the DDR forum. Gordon and I will be hard pressed to meet your standards.

    Thanks for your kind wishes - TJ (aka Thomas J. & Guardian 5)


      Originally posted by Bernhard View Post
      Hi TJ !

      My congratulations too !
      I am sure that you and Gordon were the best choice.



      Vielen Dank!

      Please keep those pictures of rare and wonderful post-war helmets coming. Your thread on the Bundeswehr M-1 is the best on the Internet!

      Take care - TJ


        1957 Cross in Gold.

        Ok, I recently Picked up a DKG on Ebay. When I got it I saw it had Diamonds " Quarts stones" in the Wreath. I took it to a Jeweler and Found it was made of actual Silver, The main body and the center piece with the EK. Of course the Diamonds in the wreath are bogus.
        Now I was told that there was never a piece like this made. However I read that there were a few Wartime examples made, but only one issued. That being said, i'm wondering why this was made with such expensive material, only to flub it with the fake diamonds?
        Here are the pics. The test, as I said, came back positive for silver, with the acid turning the residue blue. So, I'm looking for all your thoughts on this. Now I've had three members say this was a fake But, I'm wondering why someone would make this out of silver, only to add these Quartz stones? Any thoughts on this?


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