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Info on bundeswehr insignia & gear?

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    Info on bundeswehr insignia & gear?

    It seems to be hard to find info on German Fernspäher insignia and gear (other than weapons). I'm soon ordering the Eyes on Target -book which should have something.

    Also, I'm not sure which boots are in use with regular BW and what with Fernspäher. I've seen Bundeswehr combat boots made by Haix and KSK 3000 boots, but don't know if they are really used.

    Does someone know what are the boots and the insignia?

    If you can find some on, all the better.

    ANY info on Fernspäher appreciated.

    I don't know what insignia you're looking in special. I think I have some Beret Badges left. With the Boot's I have to ask a friend who is a Sniper in the BW. Not one of these funny guy's of the Paras who think they're snipers because they get the G3 with Scope. He's using the G22 and M82.
    Let me know what you're looking for. Just PM me.


      At this point I'm looking for good images of ANY Fernspäher insignia: beret badges, unit markings, anything they might have on the arm and chest, vehicle markings if any...

      I know the eagle+lightning symbol but don't know where it is used (beret badge of course but size, material & a good pic would be appreciated too). And they have a tag that has yellow

      When/if I get to know what insignia one soldier might have, I'll start buying the real stuff or best lookalikes.


        The beret badge is a you described. It is metal. The beret looks like it should be maroon. For dress uniform, Kragenspiegel and Waffenfarbe on shoulderboards is gold, as is Litze for field jacket. Unit patch worn on left sleeve pocket.

        Other insignia depends on rank/experience. Like any other BW personnel, they can wear up to 2 Tätigkeitsabzeichen above right breast pocket, but none are specific to Fernspähtruppen that I know about ("Personal im allgemeinen Heeresdienst" is fairly common). Leistungsabzeichen is rather standard, worn on left breast pocket. Correct current-issue insignia is all black stitching on oliv backround. Some insignia on is fantasy pieces or mislabeled though.

        Not sure if they qualify for Einzelkämpferzbzeichen or not. I am sure Nico knows.




          Thank you. That helped a lot. I found a few sites that have decent images of various insignia.

          Are Tätigkeitsabzeichen usually metal or cloth, and when is camo background used? For some reason I think Fernspäher use the paratrooper branch tape.


            I assume you want to complete a field uniorm, so cloth Tätigkeitsabzeichen are what you want. Metal are for grey service jacket. From photos, camo backround is not currently used - I think maybe trial version from 1990s? No FJ branch tape - they are not jump qualified.

            Cannot really help on boots, but I think regular BW are now using Kampfstiefel 2000 and phasing out the old black Kampfstiefel from 1980s/90s.

            btw after 2007 Fernspäher combined with Panzeraufklärungstruppe to form Heeresaufklärungstruppe, so techinically they are no longer distinct unit.

            New Aufklärer Barettabzeichen (worn on black barett):

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              For unit patch, you might want to try to find one for Fernspählehrkompanie 200. FeSpähKp 100 and 300 disbanded in 1996, only 200 is still left. I think they should be subdued (black on oliv) for field uniform.

              Fernspählehrkompanie 200:

              Fernspähkompanie 100 (defunct):

              Fernspähkompanie 300 (defunct):


                Wow, thank you again!

                The Barettabzeichen I found on most sites:

                "The crossed lances of the old Kavallerie"

                Some info translated with Babelfish:
                "On 6 March 2008 the inspector of the army will activate the army reconnaissance troop as branch of service and the training centre Munster as again arranged training facility."

                Something to do with them probably (translates as internal federation badge?):

                Could these be the "Kampfstiefel 2000"?:

                Most images show that Fernspäher don't have a strict gear code. Assault vests and hats vary, as do other gear too.


                  The boots on are the new Model 2000 Kampfstiefel.

                  Do not know about the new badge, other than it for unit. "S" usually denotes "Schule" on Verbandsabzeichen.

                  Somewhere on internet is group of airsofters who portray Fernspäher and had good photos of their set-ups. Normally airsofters make me cringe but this unit had detailed impressions. Cannot remember name though.

                  btw Fernspählehrkompanie 200 is part of Division Spezielle Operationen.



                    Something I found on a book made in 1989...

                    It says there that the maroon beret was adopted for all airborne units. So could they have some kind of para badge after all?


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