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The Bundeswehr M1 Helmet

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    The Bundeswehr M1 Helmet

    Hello fellow collectors,

    I thought that it would be of interrest to some of you
    to show some details of the first BW helmet from 1956.

    All the information can be found in the book of Mr.Baer , but I think
    that this information is only available in german version.

    First info is that only two manufacturers were contracted for the shell.
    One of these was the well known firm Quist and the other one was
    The steel that was used was of quite low quality as it was forbidden by the allies to produce the high quality steel of the WWII helmets.

    The liners were produced by five different manufacturers.

    Let us start with a very fine magazine cover from 1956 !
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    A closeup showing the issue helmet net , and the chinstrap.
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      I have three complete helmets in my collection.
      All of them are dented as a result of the low quality steel , and
      all of them are period repainted on the outside.

      All three helmets are Quist made in 1956.
      First helmet:
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        Second helmet showing another shade of repaint !
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          Third , and as you can imagine, my favorite helmet
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            Inner view of the helmet shell showing dents and manufacturer
            F.W.Quist 1956 and lot number 49
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              Another helmet interior has this marking :
              SPZ Luthardt in german SPZ means the same as APC
              Schützenpanzer = Armoured Personnel Carrier

              This helmet is , as you can see from the 20th rate from 1956
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                Now on to the liners.
                Mr.Bear writes that 5 manufacturers were contracted to make these liners.
                Among these one maker is very well known : S.W.B means
                Schuberth Werke Braunschweig.

                Here from the magazine some pics showing BW personnel wearing these
                "Bürger in Uniform" means "Citizens in Uniform"
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                  Here is a group shot of all five liners I own.
                  All are made between 1956 and 1959.
                  Of special note is the fact that not two of them have the same colour.
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                    Inside look of a liner:
                    Attached Files


                      Named sweatband:Gefr.Deinert
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                        That´s it for now , hope you like it !!




                          Nice thread and a good addition to the West German helmet thread that we had running a few weeks ago. If memory serves me correctly, Baer says that the first issue of BW helmets were purchased from Belgium and would therefore have had Belgian liners. Do you have any of these helmets in your collection?




                            Bravo Bernhard!

                            Excellent photos of this very hard to find combination!

                            It was also interesting to note that the Bundeswehr made limited use of Bundesgrenzschutz leather gear for use with the G-1 rifle.

                            We have always wondered about the function of the "d" ring tab over the pockets of the Model 1955 Battle Dress. In the picture in post one, it appears as though the soldier is using it to tie off a lanyard of some kind, perhaps to a compass or code book.

                            In any event, great pictures, thanks for sharing.



                              Gordon ,TJ

                              Thank you both for your comments.
                              I reread the chapter on the first BW helmet in the Bear book , but I only
                              can say that the government planned to invent the US/Begium helmet
                              Baer does not state that the germans have actually bought helmets from
                              Strange for me is one statement about the german helmet industry :
                              Mr Bear writes that "....after producing the two piece helmet for France
                              and the US , the german industry was well prepared for the production of
                              the own BW helmet ".....
                              Never knew that there was a german production US M1 helmet ??




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