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Y leather harness

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    Y leather harness

    Hi All!

    I have Y leather suspenders. But I have no idea what country they were used in?
    Army or police? I've only seen the same once on the western auction site. The description said they were West German.
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    Please show a Detail of the Stamp.


      RZfH is a wartime stamp for Reichszentrale für Handwerkslieferungen. If is original or made from different period parts not know. But not familiar with this style from any postwar organisations. West Berlin has the same flap on rear strap, but otherwise completely different.

      The hooks on shoulder and side straps are normally used on rucksacks, which would make these incompatible with most packs.


        Thanks for comments. I give close-up photos of inscriptions on the skin. Hooks are not marked. D-shaped handles are signed. Have different manufacturers' markings. For example, OLC.
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          It looks like a CS reissue straps with reversed hooks vs D rings .
          To wear the CS back pack .


            It appears that your straps are indeed constructed of several pieces of wartime materials that were marked with their individual manufacturer codes. There are actually several different codes indicated on your piece. These being:

            OLC - “AEG” Allgemeine Elektrizitats-Gesellschaft, “Ostland” -Werke GmbH (Riga/Kurland) - the date of production of this part was October 1944

            RZfH 16G2/42 - as stated earlier “Reichszentrale für Handwerkslieferungen” (Reich Center for Handicraft Contracts) - indicating this piece was produced by a small firm sometime late war.

            0013? - This is a partial RBNr. The full number is typically 9 digits. This identification system began very late in the war.

            The construction of these Y-straps utilizing late war leather parts was not unusual for post war straps. This particular set was most likely post war Heer or Bundesheer, perhaps even designated for Swiss use. As is, a very interesting set of Y-straps from wartime pieces making it a collectors piece.


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              Thank you all very much for your opinion. Sorry, I gave these Y-straps on the Wehrmacht equipment forum. I was told there that they were light Y stripes converted after the war for the Czech army.
              Greetings to you all


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