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    Service Numbers

    Hi Group
    I organised an exhibition on my home towns War Memorial (Wallingford, in the UK) this last weekend, detailing some of the soldiers who are remembered on it.
    This gave me a chance to display some of my collection, following are photos of one of the tables showing various items on British equipment, all marked with soldiers service numbers. I thought this might be of interest.
    All the items shown are marked with numbers, cutlery, shoe brushes, bayonets, etc.
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      Service Numbers

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        Service Numbers

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          Originally posted by Ken MacLean View Post

          I have seen casualty lists showing three FAA men killed while undergoing flying training in Canada.

          FX81464 W. McCulloch, June 41
          FX88430 W.H. Riddett, Feb 42
          FX87490 C.A. Treble, Feb 42

          They are described in the casualty lists as "acting leading naval aircraftmen".

          Week ago I bought a NAVY kitbag, with painted a anchor. It has number and name:

          L/FX 676425 G.W. ROBINSON also letters FAAH or FAAN are on it.

          Was it also used by Airman from Navy?

          Also I have a spoon, with number "11H4854" - what is the meaning of it?


            list of medal abbreviations ~



              I found a bag full of tropical Khaki and some captured french items as well. The khaki shorts are marked with the following. W.X. 2382 D. Ferguson, W.X. 2431 W. Thomas, and the third pair marked 2318 Mooney. Is there anyway to possibly identify whether these British soldiers survived or might possibly have been killed in action in Africa.

              The following links may be of interest. The original post is getting a bit old.

              WX2382 Donald Ferguson
              (Date of Discharge 29 November 1945) He was a Prisoner of War


              WX2431 William Charles Thomas
              (Date of Discharge 7 June 1943)


              WX2318 Raymond Cecil Moorey (Date of Death 28 May 1941)


              For further information go to the following website

              open this site then go to the right of the page and click on "Record Search" Then click on "Record Search - As a Guest" Then in the box labeled "Keywords" type in your query.
              Note; if you have a Service No. & a name type them in as two different searches. Sometimes you get additional information by doing this. If the search comes up with Digitised Item you should also click on this.

              Kind Regards



                Need some help with an RAF Cpl.

                Looking for a way to get info on Cpl. F.E. Duckett 14630990, RAF

                Anyone know how I can accomplish this?

                Does anyone happen to have the information handy?




                  this is on a wash roll B76889 British made, could be a canadian no though

                  any help would be appreciated




                    Patience matriculée

                    Salut à tous,

                    Je vous présente un parmi mes nombreux objets matriculés de terrain découverts en Normandie, une patience trouvée dans les environs de Fontenay-le-Pesnel, Notre soldat à combattu les redoutables adversaires de la 12ième SS...

                    Power Taupe



                      Patience découverte au même endroit que la précédente, notre soldat est enterré au cimetière du Commonwealth de Tilly-sur-Seulles

                      Patience was discovered to the same place as the previous one, our soldier is buried in the cemetery of the Commonwealth of Tilly-on-Seulles

                      Power Taupe


                        Research help with a UK Officers number.

                        Pretty sure this is WW2 but really trying to find details of the Officer who owned it, I have found on forces war records the following officers with W Cuthbertson, but do not subscribe so only have a basic result so cant link to the service number:
                        W. Cuthbertson (Major) 1941
                        W.R. Cuthbertson (Flying Officer) 1944
                        W. Cuthbertson (2nd Lieutenant) 1942
                        W.W.A Cuthbertson (2nd Lieutenant) 1943
                        William Graham Cuthbertson (Lieutenant) 1941
                        William Roberts Cuthbertson (Flying Officer) 1943

                        Can anyone help with an id or able to link an Officer with the service number in my previous post or point me in the right direction to a free resource to check WW2 army service Offifer numbers???I have just come into possession of a Puma Sportmesser made in Soligen that was handed into a charity shop, written on the rear of the sheath is:
                        224435 or 229935 of which is an army number and also Lt W Cuthbertson or similar.
                        can anyone help in a little research for this Officer so thought this thread was best placed to id the officer.


                          Sorry to bring up a long dead thread but I was wondering if someone could help me with identifying this RCN number. It's V72769 I've never seen the V term the again I've heard identifying Canadian Navy designation during world war two is pretty difficult.
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                            A qucick search of RCN Ledger Sheets 1910-1941 shows no results for that number or the name 'Moggach' but the LAC says that these records are not complete. Sorry I don't know more - WWI is my area not WWII.

                            here is the site for the search of the ledgers:



                              service number

                              To what regiment belongs the service number 3527430 ?
                              It is written on the chinstrap of a MK II helmet wich was found in de Southern part of Holland.


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