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NEW from RZM Publishing - UNTERNEHMEN ILSE: 5. SS-Panzer Division "WIKING" 1944

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    I live in the Czech republic, which means that customs will most probably charge 21% VAT + import tax (few %) .... .

    Anyway, I just ordered the book since I really like RZM books!
    Tragen Sie den Ring in Ehren !



      I got taxed on everything I bought from the States.

      I try to avoid purchases from the other side of the pond, largely because of this .



        Gentlemen it is so disheartening to hear these reports of you having
        to pay duty on books purchased outside your country borders. If an American buys a book from overseas there is no duty on the item. Books are duty free because they are covered under the Freedom of Information Act.


          Seen the book last night and its a great study in late war uniforms !!!!


            Received my limited edition copy of the book yesterday, #136.

            A beautifully put together book with amazing images and content.

            Shipping is not cheap for such a heavy book but this one is well worth it and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

            I was kicking myself for having missed out on their earlier Kampfgruppe Mühlenkamp book, so I am glad to have secured mysefl a copy of this title.

            Congrats to Remy & Douglas...
            Looking for Propaganda / Recruitment Posters and any Max Wünsche photos and documents!


              Originally posted by nomis View Post
              Here in the UK we get heavily taxed on all goods coming from the States.

              Makes items too expensive for what they are.

              Shame, but that's the way it is right now.

              There is no vat on book's


                If your in the UK
                going for a good price here with free postage
                go on treat your self I have nothing to do with this seller



                  I am not referring to VAT............................................in the trade war between the USA , UK, and certain other country's governments we are charged 'customs import tax' on goods coming into the UK.

                  We, the customers, are penalized financially for buying goods from the US because of governments squabbling.



                    You do not pay anything on book's from the USA !!


                      So my old friend Remy sold me a copy which arrived a couple days ago.WOW! What a great book.
                      Unbelievable photographs and captions which tell the story of the assault that took place all in one day.
                      Stunning detail of Waffen SS and Heer grenadiers and Armor. The latest equipment and panther tanks are shown in crystal clear shots in a large format.

                      The best WW 2 book I’ve ever seen.



                        Tell THAT to the Post Office, as they give me a loverly card suggesting I won't receive my purchase , which they have, unless I pay a 'Customs ' charge.



                          So pay the customs and don’t be a complaining child

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                            Overhere import tax including customs charge is around 30% when buying from the US. That makes a person think twice when wanting to order a lot from overseas. I did order there a lot but scaled it down extensively nowadays.
                            Collecting Soviet orders and medals.


                              Strange I've been buying books from the USA for over 45 years and never once paid import tax or any other sort of tax.So how would UK sellers be able to sell at a lower price than the original price if there's so much taxes to pay ??
                              The book is well worth the money, it's only going to go up in value when it's sold out !!



                                We seem to have different experiences of this. Don't know why, but it's a fact.

                                I am not questioning the 'value' of any book, I have spent larger sums on some great books because I understand the time and dedication it takes in researching and getting right these historical records.

                                Just saying, I try to buy in the UK and avoid the direct purchases from the US due to the extra expense I have experienced.



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