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No better place to die - Saving Pte Ryan Prequel

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    No better place to die - Saving Pte Ryan Prequel

    Well a sort of prequel

    I heard about it this morning when a US military advisor (and Vietnam vet) to SPR was being interviewed on 5Live radio in the UK

    Don't know if this has already been posted or not but it was news to me.

    Nice one mate thanks for posting. I hadn't heard of it but will be looking out for it.



    Always looking to buy Gasplanen and Gasplane related photos & documentation


      Thanks for the heads up


        Just noticed this on further reading:

        "If the scattered paratroopers and glidermen had not taken the bridge and its causeway, the U.S. forces slogging inland from Omaha and Utah could have been blown off the beaches - and D-Day would have been a bloody failure. "

        Without wishing to take anything at all away from these heroes, I think they are over-egging the pudding here somewhat. It glosses over (well doesn't even mention) the British and Canadians along the coast, and makes no mention of all the other airborne/glider borne troops inserted early on D-Day.

        I pray the following (in no particular order) are not in it:

        1. Love interest
        2. George Clooney
        3. Brad Pitt


          I would add a number 4 to the above! ...

          4. no Tom Cruise
          Dan Salyan


            Originally posted by zook View Post
            I would add a number 4 to the above! ...

            4. no Tom Cruise
            And in the vein of Matthew McConaughey capturing a Uboat and its Enigma machine, I hope no US soldiers capture Pegasus Bridge!
            When you go home
            Tell them for us and say
            For your tomorrow
            We gave our today

            --Inscription in the 5th Marine Division cemetery,
            Iwo Jima 1945


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