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Netflix “The Liberator”

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    Netflix “The Liberator”

    I don’t think I saw this mentioned here yet. Excuse me if I missed it. This mini series based on Alex Kershaw’s book started on Netflix on Nov. 11th. My wife and I watched the first 2 episodes. They’re about 45-50 minutes long. We enjoyed it and will finish the series. The book has gotten great reviews and I need to put it on my reading list. The series is done as a type of animation over live acting. It may not be for everybody and I’m sure the book is better but I think it’s worth checking out.



    Originally posted by Frank Nick View Post
    The series is done as a type of animation over live acting.
    The type of animation is called rotoscoping: computer auto-tracing over live action. Each live action frame is traced and then a filter is used to make it look like a animated graphic novel. Rotoscoping was first developed and patented in 1918 by Max Fleisher (later of Popeye fame) who traced his Koko the Clown cartoons by hand over live action films of his brother, 1 frame at a time. He patented a special rig for tracing on glass that was used until the 1990s by animators when it was replaced by computer.

    US_patent_1242674_figure_3 Rotoscope.png


      I watched the first episode, expecting to be underwhelmed, and I was. I will admit being hard to please regarding movies, especially war films.
      To me, another example of the continuing decline of quality content on Netflix, which may well lead me to cancel.

      Bob Shoaf


        Not watched it yet but seen it advertised.

        75 years on I’m glad the war is remembered unlike so many wars before. Incorrect details or unusual takes in war films do irritate me but I shut up when hearing Inglorious Basterds created a new generation of interest like Schindler’s list had done before. I know....


          I've seen the first episode and after having to adjust my mind to the graphics for the first 15 minutes, I actually quite enjoyed it.
          I do plan to watch the rest of the series soon.


            Just finished watching the full series, and enjoyed it.

            My Collection: http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/foru...d.php?t=860720


              Once you get used to the animation, it is a great show.
              I really don't understand why they didnt't get the helmets right though.
              The episode at Anzio was great.


                I enjoyed watching the full series. Well made!


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