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Bison w/15cm sIG 33 Howitzer

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    Bison w/15cm sIG 33 Howitzer

    The prewar German PzKpfw I was not suitable for combat. Recon versions were built.
    Some of the chassis's were modified to self propelled guns by removing the turrets and adding high reaching, lightly armored panels to provide some protection to the gun crews. 15cm sIG 33 howitzers, without wheels and the usual frontal armored shield, were installed on the chassis's. They did provide mobile artillery support to the Panzer divisions.

    There is not a lot of detailed information about these vehicles as they were used early in the war and it seems did not survive post war.
    This particular plastic model had the worst set of assembly instructions I have encountered in 60+ years of modeling, often incomplete or just not there for specific items. Constant reference to photos on the internet was necessary to finish it. Lots of flash to clean up and many holes in wheels, etc were either not complete or invisible. Installation of the howitzer was by "best guess."

    This model is not for those with suicidal tendencies.
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    Nice work! I think there is film footage of one of these blasting a city in France. Looks to be very effective.


      Yes, you've tackled a most interesting vehicle.

      I recall seeing the same footage of one in action in France. Their crews were most uncomfortable, exposed to enemy fire and prevailing weather.



        Halfway through the build I was sorely tempted to punch a hole through the frontal armor to simulate a shell strike, then somewhat randomly glue the remaining parts in disarray to show the aftermath of the explosion. It certainly would have greatly sped up the project and saved a lot of effort.


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