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    Michael H. Pruett

    Name of WAF collector, membership level and known as on the WAF: Michael H. Pruett, former Moderator of the WAF and member since October 2001 passed away in hospice on 17 October 2019 from an offshoot of Lou Gehrig's disease. Michael served his country in Vietnam in the Army as a 11C, mortarman and will be buried at the Houston National Cemetery on 25 October 2019.

    WAF user account background:

    Collecting interests: Michael was a respected figure in the collecting community, specializing in the Panzertruppe.

    Articles, books published or other achievements: Together with Bob Edwards, Michael Pruett wrote five books:

    Field Uniforms of German Army Panzer Forces in World War 2 (JJ Fedorowicz, Winnpeg CA, 1993)

    Field Uniforms of Germany's Panzer Elite (JJ Fedorowicz, Winnpeg CA, 1993)

    Scouts Out: A History of German Armored Reconnaissance Units in World War 2 (Stackpole, Harrisburg PA, 2014)

    Tip of the Spear: German Armored Reconnaissance in Action in World War II (Stackpole, Harrisburg PA, 2015)

    Panzers Forward: A Photo History of German Armor in World War II (Stakpole, Harrisburg, 2018)

    He also authored:

    Panzerkampfgruppe Strachwitz (JJ Fedoriwicz, Winnipeg CA, 2008)

    Comments from fellow WAF forum membership (sampling from thread):
    Somebody, after all, had to make a start. What we wrote and said is also believed by many others. They just don't dare express themselves as we did. Quote - Sophie Scholl - White Rose resistance group

    A very sad day for the collecting community.
    I knew Mike from the early 1970's when we shared an interest
    in German Army Shoulder Straps.

    He was my mentor and friend.
    I will miss him.

    Chris Varrichio


      A great historian and collector . With the upmost respect , rest in peace .


        Mike was a real gentleman as well as a scholar!

        I had the pleasure of Mike's friendship for many years and we often consulted one another on books... He will be missed!


          What a loss and what a great historian and researcher! Love his books!
          Sad to hear! He had helped me in the past with some insignia...His memory will live on with his published literature!


            What A Fine and Pleasant Gentleman he was RIP Mike !!
            "They NEVER did that....YEAH they did ....."


              I shared the same interest with Mike and spoke often about the panzer men and their experience's. rest easy brother.


                Oh, I hate to hear this. I never met him but helped him out with photos on one of his publications. Prayers to him and his family.


                  Mike was a fine gentleman and great benefit to our hobby. Through my 30-year friendship with Bob Edwards, I was able to connect with Mike and tap his expertise - which he very graciously gave on a number of occasions. Mike helped me authenticate all wrappers that I have purchased in the last few years. He was 100% one of the good guys. He will definitely be missed. R.I.P.
                  Seeking photographs of Joachim Tiesler, DKiG Stalingrad, 3rd I.D. (mot.) and Clemens Freiherr von Fürstenberg, DKiG 7th Panzer Division.


                    Mike was a fellow Nam Vet and Collector. His friendship and vast knowledge will be sorely missed by me and all who knew him. My condolences go out to his family. May he have a Peaceful journey. God Bless!!

                    Here is a link to the Collectors Community forum that first reported Mike's Illness and Death by WAF member Pauke



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