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    A true gentleman, I was once lucky enough to own a Voos etched 2nd Luft that Bernie dug up out of the woodwork, Bernie could have had it for a song, but being the sport he was he gave a fair price, nice guy.


      A nice man is gone.

      I had the pleasure of buying a beautiful private purchase SS ring from Bernie about 15-20 years ago. I just returned from vacation and read of his passing. I am sad but at the same time glad I got to know him. He was a fine man.



        I found out about Bernie a month or so ago.
        This really made me sad.
        Bernie was a class act.

        We met at the SOS a long time ago and stayed in touch through mutual interests.

        I sold Bernie his green GTX.
        He flew down to my home in Atlanta to look at the car on Thanksgiving day.
        I picked him up at the airport and he had his first American TG meal at my house.
        We had a great time.

        Bernie had one of the earliest DD Waffen SS helmets I had ever seen.

        RIP Bernie
        We are less without you.



          This is the first I've learned about Bernie's passing from among us...I guess I don't visit this forum as often as I might. Bernie was a very good friend of mine and he assisted me over years of my work on accumulating copies of the SS-DALs when I was beginning my list of Golden Party Badge awards. He was a true gentleman and one of the most dedicated people I've ever known in this hobby. He always mentioned his wife, Pauline, in his correspondence with me and I could easily see how much he adored her. She must be devastated by his absence.

          We have lost a great friend and scholar in Bernie Brulé. His major reference work, "The Key," is and will always be a mainstay in my library. Rest in peace, dear friend, and know of the great respect you have engendered in me and in many others throughout our hobby.

          Br. James


            I learned about Bernie's passing a few weeks back and was saddened by this news. His greatest contribution would be the KEY, which is a source of reference for many of us collectors that still use this. The forum has lost many of our old comrades.

            A valued member. We should have a sub-forum named after Bernie for his work on the KEY.



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