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    Ernst Kemper

    Name of WAF collector, membership level and known as on the WAF:
    Ernst Kemper from Germany who joined the forum on 05 January 2010, an association member and also known on the forum as Ernst Kemper passed away this past November 2014.

    WAF user account background:

    Collecting interests: Ernst Kemper specialized in daggers.

    Articles, books published or other achievements:

    Comments from fellow WAF forum membership (sampling from forum threads):
    Somebody, after all, had to make a start. What we wrote and said is also believed by many others. They just don't dare express themselves as we did. Quote - Sophie Scholl - White Rose resistance group



      We lost a friend and a collector....
      Birger,aka Ernst Kemper,was a great guy!
      May God bless him and may he Rest in Peace.


        I,m totally shocked, R.I.P Birger my friend

        My sincere condolences to his beautiful family.

        He had a lovely wife & 2 very young children that will be heartbroken to say the least ,

        I Sold Birger several daggers & hj knifes over the years, also helped him out on a few other items, he used to send me german beers & biscuits in return for helping him out that i greatly enjoyed & appreciated.

        Does anyone know what exactly happened to Birger ?, we had not been in contact for several months so i guess he was unwell ?

        Regards Mac 66.
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          I am so sad.
          I miss you my friend.

          ride on

          I will see you in heaven and then we drive together.............


            RIP Birger

            I've just come across this very sad thread.
            When I think of Birger, I remember a man who loved his family and was a follow biker, who I would have loved to had a beer with. This is part of an email he sent to me and I couldn't think of better words to remember him by.

            He sent this Sun, 5 Jun 2011 5:47am

            " I will stop here, because I will make a coffee to start into the new sunny and hot day.
            My old tomcat is sitting beside my and is waiting for his breakfast as well. The rest of our "family" is still sleepig (Thank Good!) and I have some time for my own."

            My thoughts are with him and his family
            RIP Birger



              RIP . Rob
              God please take justin bieber and gave us dio back


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