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    John Pepera

    Name of WAF collector, membership level and known as on the WAF: John E. Pepera. John joined the forum 13 February 2002. He passed away on 21 May 2013. Prior to retiring, he was self employed.

    WAF user account background:

    Collecting interests: John's collecting interests varied, but he overall specialized in Gold Party Badges, III Reich memorabilia and select US military.

    Articles, books published or other achievements:

    Comments from fellow WAF forum membership (sampling from thread):
    Somebody, after all, had to make a start. What we wrote and said is also believed by many others. They just don't dare express themselves as we did. Quote - Sophie Scholl - White Rose resistance group

    John Pepera, In Memoraim

    John Pepera was larger than life! While I never met John personally, I corresponded with him for a number of years, normally on the subject of the Golden Party Badge -- of which he was the Master Collector of our time. With holdings totaling approximately 155 badges, John was the envy of every collector of this unique artifact within National Socialist history. His collection included every manifestation of the badge -- single Deschler and Fuess-marked badges, matched sets of two, three, four or more examples bearing the same Party Member's number -- GPBs made into jewelry, and of course the even=rarer AH Honorary GPBs of both sizes and makers. He also amassed GPB documentation of all kinds, original letters from the period, and examples of the cases in which at least some of these badges were presented in.

    And John's interests ran well beyond the borders of collecting GPBs -- even though his collection far exceeded any other attempt known. He was also a student of the SS and of Political memorabilia.

    But that does not begin to describe the John Pepera I knew. The man I knew was most interested in studying the artifacts of his hobby and gathering together a lifetime of knowledge and expertise...and with sharing that knowledge with anyone who took the time to write to him or to speak with him at the MAX Show or the Show of Shows or at any of the other major events at which he could always be found, patiently sitting at his table behind stacks of display cases! John always had TIME for other collectors and even for the likes of me, who respectfully stood in his shadow for over a decade.

    John Pepera was indeed larger than life, and he had a love of our hobby and a heart for sharing information, advice, and opinion that will go on to inspire many of his friends throughout this hobby, just as it does in my memory.

    Now Rest in the Peace that you so well deserve, John -- in the Peace of knowing that you left so many of us better than the way you found us. The gratitude of this hobby for your dedication, commitment and sense of humor is as boundless as your spirit, which will continue to live on within us!

    Br. James


      I knew John through this forum many years back when I had just started out collecting and my interest was focused on metal eagle insignias (which I still collect). John was kind towards my tight finances at that time and sold me a few metal insignias and our friendship bloomed. I was also actively looking for a SS Totenkopf Honor Ring and John, being mindful of my budget, shortlisted a few for my review, nonetheless sharing much information on the topic and selflessly sending me closeup photos of those rings. Although our transaction never did materialise, I bought other artefacts from him such as desk eagles which I still have and numerous other badges. John knew I was looking for the Feldherrnhalle Mahnmal and kept me in mind. We were in the process of negotiating other deals but sadly he had left us. It was the fun of talking to him, doing a purchase and also sharing our own stories about life. It is such a shame that his knowledge and generosity will be lost.

      You are missed, John. We miss you.



        Wow. I hadn't talked to John in years. We lived in the same part of town, often waiting on his phone calls of a new flag I'd love! The last time I saw him I was outside of my record store, he pulled up excited about some SS items he'd purchased. what a guy!

        Well John im late, and for that you'd laugh. Thanks for all the knowledge and all the help that you gave me in my early 20's not only with collecting but also with life.


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