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    oh my goodness, reading this ...
    KevinF, this is a hard thing reading this. Remember sitting with between u and Rich at the SOS .... shoot live´s a bitch as Ozzy says.
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      Richard was very humorous and helpful. I miss his posts. His presence on the forum will be missed.
      ,,behold the knight in solemn black manner,
      with a skull on his crest and blood on his banner
      ~garnier von susteren



        AWID.....from juoneen YEEE ...hah !

        Heres to you richard :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nU7k1...eature=related
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          RIP Richard


            Very saddened by this totally unexpected news on Richard.

            Richard and I became good friends this past summer exchanging numerous phone calls and emails, having discussions on wraps, discussions on our fathers and sharing photos of each others collections. A warm and genuine man who will be sorely missed by many.

            My deepest condolence to Richard's family.


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              Originally posted by PaulMann View Post
              Richard was very humorous and helpful. I miss his posts. His presence on the forum will be missed.

              RIP, Richard.


                Yes - I also liked his style very much.

                Sad to see that he is gone forever.

                Ruhe in Frieden, Richard.
                Every day is a good day on WAF.


                  For Richard,

                  A guy who made the effort to keep in touch with me a year ago almost to the day when the chips were down. Gone but not forgotten on WAF mate,


                  "Not Understood" by Thomas Bracken

                  Not understood, we move along asunder;
                  Our paths grow wider as the seasons creep
                  Along the years; we marvel and we wonder
                  Why life is life, and then we fall asleep
                  Not understood.

                  Not understood, we gather false impressions
                  And hug them closer as the years go by;
                  Till virtues often seem to us transgressions;
                  And thus men rise and fall, and live and die
                  Not understood.

                  Not understood! Poor souls with stunted vision
                  Oft measure giants with their narrow gauge;
                  The poisoned shafts of falsehood and derision
                  Are oft impelled 'gainst those who mould the age,
                  Not understood.

                  Not understood! The secret springs of action
                  Which lie beneath the surface and the show,
                  Are disregarded; with self-satisfaction
                  We judge our neighbours, and they often go
                  Not understood.

                  Not understood! How trifles often change us!
                  The thoughtless sentence and the fancied slight
                  Destroy long years of friendship, and estrange us,
                  And on our souls there falls a freezing blight;
                  Not understood.

                  Not understood! How many breasts are aching
                  For lack of sympathy! Ah! day by day
                  How many cheerless, lonely hearts are breaking!
                  How many noble spirits pass away,
                  Not understood.

                  O God! that men would see a little clearer,
                  Or judge less harshly where they cannot see!
                  O God! that men would draw a little nearer
                  To one another, -- they'd be nearer Thee,
                  And understood.


                    Our buddy Richard P

                    Well, as I was logging on to the WAF right now, I thought how much I really miss our friend Richard. The WAF is a great help to us all, and can make us laugh or cry. I really see a change here without him chiming in on the Panzer wrap from hell, or a bogus Stug wrap. I was just really getting to know him before he passed. I think I will go back and look at the funny TK thread, and laugh at some of his posts there. To our buddy Richard P, I miss you man, and I mean it. Smitty


                      Sounds like he was a great bloke,Rest in peace.



                        Rest in Peace Richard!!!!

                        Richard and I spoke many times over the phone and he was always willing to teach a fellow collector. I've learned many things from Richard over the years and his posts will always live on for all members to use a learning tool. You will be missed my friend!!!!!



                          I first met Richard about 24 years ago and stopped at his gated community when I was driving through California. He showed me his vast collection of aviation items of which he was very knowledgable. It is a shame that he has passed away. It was people like him that have made this hobby/business enjoyable. Rip Richard


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