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    Harry Callaghan

    At this time of year we remember those who gave.Years ago I became friendly with an old Port Talbot boy who was evacuated from Dunkirk, went back to fight in Africa and ended up in Normandy.Harry never married and would not talk about
    his war save a few lines he offered me 20 years ago. He just said "Kyle they would not give up" I knew straight away he was referring to the 12th SS HJ as he was referring to SS units they had engaged.It haunted him and being a devout Catholic who went to Mass daily I could see he was troubled. He used the term babies not boys when he was only 24/5 himself!!

    It only goes to show they gave all their life when one considers the mental impact war has.

    Requiescat in pace - Harry, now you have found peace

    Harry was 99


    Thanks for posting this, Kyle. It is a nice tribute for someone who carried the weight of the war his whole life. What a burden, may he rest in peace.


      Thanks mate

      Appreciate your reply Harry will be buried tomorrow.He loved his country and was proud to serve but I knew of his deep sadness.He used to go into schools to talk to the children, my daughter being one, the kids loved him.


        Another illustration of the affects of War. The trinkets we get obsessed with the detail of, seems trivial compared to what this soldier obviously endured.

        Nice post.


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