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Best way to liquidate old kit?

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    Best way to liquidate old kit?

    I am 66 and cannot seem to lose this belly so I must face the realization that I cannot accurately reenact any longer, even Volkssturm isn't realistic unless I portrayed a Gauleiter inducted in the last days. I have a pile of gear out in the shed, actually enough to completely equip someone doing early war Heer, mid-war Heer and late-war Heer as well. Most everything fit me when I was 6'1" 190lbs so a 46-48 jacket size and 38 trousers, 60-61 cap size, size 11 boot size.

    So, my question is: Would it be best to list it on Estand as "Early War Heer Package, reproduction unless otherwise noted. M-35 helmet original shell size 68/61 repainted and restored leather, M-34 Cap 61, M36 tunic size 46 L, M-35 trousers, ATF jackboots size 11.... you get the idea.

    or should I list the items individually? This would take forever would be the main drawback. I would prefer getting rid of it in lots simply to cut down on the shipping and handling hassles but I figure that I might not get nearly as much money out of it.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

    I'm same size of you.
    I sent you my mail adress on pm.


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