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SS-VT Deutschland & Germania came through my village

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    SS-VT Deutschland & Germania came through my village

    Hi All,
    I’m wonder if somebody could help me further with a research am doing about a specific part in the early days of May 1940.<O</O
    On 13 & 14 May, SS-VT Reg.Deutschland & Germania came through my village (Essen-Belgium) and fought in that area…(Essen, Wildert, Kalmthout, Achterbroek)<O</O
    At this time: Essen was called (Esschen) and Kalmthout (calmthout)<O</O
    Parts from these two Regiments crossed the border (Holland/Belgium) at Zundert & Achtmaal and especially Germania received their first big counterattack at a small village Achterbroek.<O</O
    Some pictures from the book: Waffen-SS im Westen, by Friedrich Zschäckel are taken in that village (from that PAK grew).<O</O
    Several soldiers from Germania been killed in Achterbroek;<O</O
    Obersturmführer: Hans Metscher, who drove on a mine during reconnaissance.<O</O
    Rottenführer; Jozef Rieck (Riek)
    Sturmmann: Eduard Heyer<O</O
    Oberscharführer: Bernhard Ballman<O</O
    Sturmmann: Kurt Freumuth<O</O
    The only information that I could find about Achterbroek, are a couple of pictures and a testimony from a soldier in the book (Division Das Reich 1940-1941) from Otto Weidinger on page 82.<O</O
    I drive almost weekly on this road, and through this village. I always wonder what really happened here.<O</O
    Germania reports say that it was their first battle and dead from the regiment in the campaign against France. So, I’m wonder if someone could help me further and have: pictures, documents, or any information about this part on 13 & 14 may 1940.<O</O
    Please, all information is really appreciated!<O</O
    Thanks an kind regards,<O</O
    Danny <O</O




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