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The mass grave in Villeneuve-Loubet, full details

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    In exactly the same style as the Sepsotinktur bottles here's one of Jodtinktur.
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    Collecting German award documents, other paperwork and photos relating to Norway and Finland.


      Hi Dave

      I hadn't even noticed untill you mentioned the gas mask, that both the little decontamination tubes, and the only gas mask found in the grave were found on body n°2 (to the left on the picture, with gas mask can slightly visible at the back of the skull). Maybe that guy was a little bit paranoid about gas attacks? The only other gas warfare equipement found in the entire grave was two typical bakelite boxes, both together on an other body. So n°2 had more gaz warfare equipment with him, then all 13 of his comerades together!

      Thank you for your offer about the Vichy patches, but it doesnt realy enter the field of my book. I am planing on writting (with the vets words, since it will be oral history) very specificaly about what happened to the First Airborn Task Force (517,551,509PIR, FSSF...) (and their german ennemies, and the french civilians and underground) between august 15th and early september, with emphasis on the largely overlooked period between august 20 and sept 1st, that is usualy resumed in specialised books by "many villages were liberated, there was not much fighting"... Some of that "not much fighting" happened in Villeneuve, and as you can see there is a lot to write about, and the situation is the same in many other villages where "nothing happened".
      If you know any vets who were there, or know of a way to contact any german vets who were there, then that would interest me a lot!

      See you


      PS: I am going to be starting 4th year of medicine next month.
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      Autopsy of a Battle, the War in Southern France:


        Wow wow... wow.... I cant say anything..

        Jean Loup.... man you deserverd the highest of Awards!!!! I would put myself a Knight Cross with Oak Leaves around your neck! for your courage and time doing all of this!

        your effort! time!! patience!! and kindness will pay off! I know this men are looking at you saying how thankful they are from where ever they are now..

        Good job! and I wish you the best of luck!! your a honorable man!


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          'Arzt und Soldat'


            Dont worry about highjacking the thread, as it is now more or less finnished, concerning the MIA soldiers.
            That is very interesting, because these are in groups of 6 in a cardborad box, and these are probably what I found in the grave. So it says that these are to be inspired if a person is wounded on the battlefield, am I correct?
            Autopsy of a Battle, the War in Southern France:


              This is one of the better threads I have seen on the subject so far !
              I can only applaud you on the way this is handled with utmost respect for the fallen soldiers, no matter what side they were on.

              Thanks alot Jean-Loup for sharing this extraordinary and amazing discovery and handling/research of the remains !

              You are a bloke to be respected !




                Keep us Posted.....


                Nice information with respect to the Mystery 'Glass Tubes' - long Ampules for sure.

                The Magic of the NET is quite amazing in allowing us to find & share this type of Information.

                Keep us posted regarding the Identities & Family Contacts / Follow-Ups that may result from your noble efforts.

                Who Knows? (Just read another Thread regarding a group in Italy (Firenze / Bologna) who found the wreckage of a ME109 & the remains of the Pilot. So, as you have said ...there is yet still much work to be done. Dave / dblmed


                  An incredible and moving thread that I've thoroughly enjoyed reading. I have the upmost respect for your dedication Jean-Loup.


                    Wow very nice and interesting thread
                    Thanks for posting JL !
                    I read it with lots and lots of interest. Keep up the good work.




                      This is an incredible and interresting story. You have put in a lot of work here. Just incredible.
                      Over 30.000 photos from German photo albums, related to Norway

                      Always looking for photos and photo albums from Norway.


                        Still...very impressive and outstanding work JL


                          Hi J-L,

                          Very nice to see that there are more people willing to find bodies of forgotten soldiers for the rest of their families!
                          i have also found those ampulles in a huge pit full of german helmets. I still have them...

                          you say'd that maybe the guy was paranoid for a gasatack, because he had 4 bakelite boxes with him. I once spoke to a german Vet that told me they use the tablets in the bakelite boxes to bleech new clothing they got in afrika and in italy/southern france, because it was very green in a tan coloured area.

                          best wishes from holland



                            Originally posted by Jean-Loup View Post
                            This is the same object after beeing cleaned. It is sad to think that whoever was wearing this, and especialy whoever gave this to the soldier, maybe a girlfriend, was probably hoping it would keep him out of harms way. Instead, he was buried with it in an unmarked grave for 62 years.
                            My mother commented to me that this was surely being worn by a Polish soldier, not a German. This is very probable as about half the "Germans" fighting at Villeneuve were actualy Polish, and the Polish are mostly catholic. Maybe this was being worn by that Polish soldier who was shot in the back by his officer.
                            Hello Jean
                            I did some research and it's probably "Mother of God, Lady of the Scapular". As I found: "a blessing is upon the bearer and he should not be afraid of eternal retribution".

                            She is a Patron Saint of Carmelite monks



                              Hello Jean-Loup.

                              Just found this thread today, and have spent the morning looking through it (dial-up).
                              This has to be one of the most fascinating threads on the entire site!
                              A tribute to your research and tenacity.
                              to imagine after all these years a group of "forgotten" war casualties have in some cases been identified; and families may now have closure on the lost deaths of their relatives.
                              I take my hat off to you, a fantastic thread from start to finish.
                              Really look forward to the publication of your book, please keep us informed on any new information.

                              Very best regards,



                                This is quite simply the most interesting and yet moving thread, I have yet to read on the WAForum.

                                The plaudits thus far posted are more than justified. A fantastic achievement and your efforts in seeing this through to the end are truly remarkable.

                                Regards Richard.
                                Always looking for Luftwaffe Kampfflieger related document groups. In particular anything to Kampfgeschwader 2.


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