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a German identity plate that speaks

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    a German identity plate that speaks

    Hello, I open this post to tell you about my research about a German identity plate. I bought this item at a military antiquity fair in Belgium, for a pittance to a seller who had a lot of artefacts from Koenigsberg in East Prussia. Having found some plates by myself even before, I explained my research to this man who had nothing to do, and that it was the buisness ...
    In short, after a letter written in Germany to the archives department, what a joy to receive an answer.

    So I allowed myself to return this object which certainly had more importance in the hands of his daughter than in a showcase .... like nothing is lost forever

    I did not know if this lady will answer me ..... she did it ..

    I let you imagine my joy at the opening of the envelope ... a photo of his dad .... happy to see this object back in the family
    This is the common story of so many other soldiers.
    Thank you

    These past years the Wast has never given the identity of ID tag holders in my experience, except when they were found with bodies.

    Autopsy of a Battle, the War in Southern France:


      Good evening, when I sent my request I made it clear that if this man was still alive or one of his descendants I was willing to return the object in question that's why I had this information .... To date it is not alas more possible because there has been too much abuse. I had the opportunity to return half a plate also a few years ago to the grandson of a soldier whom I had found in search of a prison camp in Normandy ... unfortunately he did not want to answer me despite my motives for historical purpose


        Very unusual to get a reply from WaSt, but if you were able to return it to the family that is great.


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