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    GJR Erich Schmid Edelweisbanner

    As requested.

    Here is a close up of the Edelweiss banner that GJR Erich Schmid gave me a number of years ago. I am not sure if it was wartime made or post war? I am not sure if Erich knew when it was made? He told me that the GJR Veterans had used it every year at their GJR reunions since the war ended. They would meet and climb a hill that had a memorial GJR plague at the top and would drape the banner over the monument. This was somewhere south of Stuttgart, I can not remember anymore?

    Erich told me that there were so few GJR vets left and none of them could make it up the hill for the ceremony anymore. He knew that I would appreciate it and wanted me to have it. So, I am just not sure when it was made? It means a lot to me because Erich gave it to me.


    PS, Just for the photo, I move my Infantry Officer out of the way and had GJR fall in. Note, I also got the Cap, the mountain rope, pick axe, ruck sack, boots, pants etc from Erich. The brown scarf is from another GJR vet has small edelweiss flowers in the weave.

    Originally posted by T.K. View Post
    I love it Cassidy.
    Thanks for showing.

    BTW what the Edelweiss banners were for? are them post war or period?
    May you show us a couple of close ups of them?
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      Fantastic groupings you just can't get better than this


        Amazing groupings. It can't get much better than this with so many named groupings and researched items. You sure have put a lot of effort into protecting the story behind these items!
        Looking for Soldbücher and Wehrpässe of the 212. ID/VGD, 245. ID, 256. ID/VGD, 338. ID and Flieger-Regiment 51.


          Is the tunic to the right original or put together?
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            Very nice, thanks for sharing.



              Wow! Wonderful collections and friendships made over time. Your vignette shots are fantastic, as are the uniforms displays. Fit for a
              All the best,
              Herrgeezer's War Room


                So, is this one original or a Frankenstein?
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                  Austrian Cut

                  I certainly think so, I got it in Germany from a good friend. I have had it a number of years, it is Austrian cut.


                  Originally posted by Ludwig View Post
                  So, is this one original or a Frankenstein?


                    Pat! Don't know how I missed this originally - but WOW! I loved seeing all of this in person and enjoy it again, here in this thread.

                    Shoot me an email - we need to catch up.

                    Always on the lookout for quality WWII U.S. Paratrooper items!


                      Thanks Tom

                      Tom, Thanks for the compliment, I just noticed your post from over year ago.

                      I will drop you a line, I need to have another local collectors get together again.



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