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    Excellent thread - best type of collecting really - cast iron provenance and great individual history.


      What a SUPERB thread. Really interesting. Thanks


        There is nothing better than this!



          A really impressive display!!!

          Thanks for sharing,


            7 GJR Div Officer Grouping

            Thanks for all the compliments. I will post a few more named groupings later.

            Here is an interesting 7th. Gebirgs-Division Officer grouping, well at least to me. I hope that I am not violating any thread rules by including it here?

            I got the grouping years ago from a friend in Germany. It was just the type of grouping that I like. I like uniforms and I really like it when I can get a uniform with a period photo of the soldier wearing the uniform.

            This group had it all, Tunic, a period wedding photo of the GJR officer wearing the very same tunic, his erkennungsmarke, some extra insignia and a unit engraved knife. A friend got the beautiful officer side cap with green soutache, but I am working on that.

            I have everything but a name! More photos to follow,

            So, let me start pulling on the threads so to speak,

            The Erkennungsmarke reads 11/JR 55 N.62.

            Which means the 11th company, 3rd Battalion Inf Regiment 55, roll number 55. Check me out here? Does anyone know if there is there a way to find out his name from the roll number?

            The history:

            Infanterie-Regiment 55 stood up on 15. Oktober 1935 under Wehrkreis VII in Würzburg.

            Note, the Wedding photo was taken in Würzburg in 1943.

            So, why would a GJR officer have a Inf Reg. ID tag?

            Here is how it seems to track:

            It seems that after the invasion of Poland and France that the 3rd BN was turned into Infanterie-Regiment 218, then on 10. Oktober 1941 changed again to Jäger-Regiment 218. Note, he put in new shoulder boards, but just recolored his collar tabs.

            Jäger-Regiment 218 was re-designated Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 218.

            The Knife that came with the group is inscribed GJR Regt 218.

            “Das Jäger-Regiment 218 wurde am 10. Oktober 1941 aufgestellt. Das Regiment entstand durch die Umbenennung des Infanterie-Regiment 218. Das Regiment blieb weiter der 99. leichten Division unterstellt. Bereits am 15. November 1941 wurde das Regiment bei der Umgliederung zur 7. Gebirgs-Division in Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 218 umbenannt.”

            The 7. Gebirgs-Division spent a lot of time in Lappland and Norway, so the style of the knife makes sense!

            So, this all seems to track! It is just so frustrating having all this information, erkennungsmarke, photo, uniform and no name!

            Perhaps someone has a unit history and can recognize this young GJR Hauptmann and later Major based on his wedding photo.

            Here are the links to Lexikon der Wehrmacht:




            Enjoy the photos, Any help is appreciated.

            Schicksalsweg und Kampf der "Bergschuh"-Division. Die Kriegschronik der 7. Gebirgs-Division, vormals 99. leichte Infanterie-Division, Roland Kaltenegger, Leopold Stocker Verlag

            A nice group still, I hope that you agree?
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              7 GJR Div Officer Grouping

              The Tunic worn in the 1943 wedding photo.
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                7 GJR Div Officer Grouping

                A close up of the engraved knife that came with the grouping.

                Presented by the Officer Corps of the 218th GJR Regiment.
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                  7th GJR

                  Here is a full view of the 218th engraved Knife,
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                    As previously stated - truly outstanding! Thanks for sharing all of these great stories and history.


                      well all what i can say,and im serios now,this is the best thread for me until today since im member on this forum. super


                        Very unique collection, Cassidy.
                        Congratulations and thanks for sharing!


                          Could you please show the beer mug / Stein, partly visible in post 38? My grandfather was in this regiment.



                            Originally posted by Gran Sasso View Post
                            Could you please show the beer mug / Stein, partly visible in post 38? My grandfather was in this regiment.
                            Thanks for all the comments, some photos as requested.
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                              More GJR98 stuff

                              Here is another shot of the mug and an original GJR pin from my former GJR friend Erich.
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                                A close of of the box

                                Here is a close of of the box.
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