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4th Panzer Army Vet Art SSh39 Helmet.

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    4th Panzer Army Vet Art SSh39 Helmet.

    After some time sat on my shelf i decided to post this on the forum, not much of a response in the German helmet section perhaps the wrong section or perhaps not that much interest I belive this belonged to a veteran of the 4th Panzer Army as the named battles seem to correspond. JERUSALEMSKAJA was a monastry in the area of the Moscow Oblast were the 4thPZ attacked the centre at a town called Istra. The 4thPZ were then ended up guarding the outer perimeter of STALINGRAD whilst the 6th Army tried to capture the city, KALATSCH was a town were the Russian forces linked during operation Uranus its counter attact . BJELGOROD and CHARKOV corresponds to the battles fought by the 4thPZ Army in 1943. ****OMIR the last name on the helmet is the town were the Russian Offensive tried to destroy the 4th during its advance towards the Bug river. The 4th PZ Army went on for the last months of the war but there is no corresponding battle honours such as Seelow Height on the helmet from the last battle at ****OMIR, not sure i will ever find that out Anyway im a happy bunny being the helmets new owner and id find your comments interesting
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    Oh boy


      You showed me this helmet on the War & Peace show, a beautiful piece!



        Nice German war trophy!
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          That's pretty cool!


            He must have assumed there would be more battles, it looks like he left space towards the back but never had the opportunity to add them. The lack of symmetry of the the location of the names is wonderful! It certainly is a great helmet and one of those "if only it could talk" types, nice.
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              Thanks for the comments


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