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How to sort and store my paperwork collection

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    How to sort and store my paperwork collection

    Hello all,

    As some may know my collection interest is documentation regarding the south of the province Limburg (the Netherlands).
    In short time with the right contacts my collection grew a lot.

    I currently experience some problems how to store all....
    My collection exists out of pictures, member cards, documents and many other paperwork items, all in different sizes.

    The sizes are also the problem. Keep in mind that some pictures are half the size of a credit card and some passes are just as big or bigger than a wehrpass.

    How should I store this? I want to use A4 maps but the problem with the plastic maps is that I need many and strange sizes.

    Also, any ideas how to sort it? Should I sort it on place, on item or on alllied/axis/civilian?

    Thanks for your input!

    There are collector’s sheets availabe in Holland, the so called “V-bladen”. They come in various sizes, the brand is “Importa”. Maybe you find what you’re looking for. They aren’t really cheap, but good quality.

    Greeting from Harderwijk ;-)



      Maybe this is helpfull for you too or otherwise google acid free document maps

      Furthermore I found this Belgian website, maybe page 41 and further in their catalogue maybe helpfull for you
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        Yes Jeroen, this information is helpful.
        Never knew the name of those protection covers. Thanks!


          You’re welcome! Btw I found out that the Importa V bladen are replaced bij MLV bladen. But if you just google Vbladen or Hartberger Mlv bladen, you’ll find what you’re looking for.
          Concerning how to store your items by era or type, I can only advice you to create a logical system, maybe with some kind of index, to keep a clear track of what items you have in your collection.



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