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Renwax and minty badges

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    Renwax and minty badges

    I have a specific question on Renwax. Have searched the forum and read the other posts on it but still have my question unanswered so therefore the new thread.

    I am specifically curious about using Renwax on minty items to preserve the finish. What are you thoughts on that?

    Most of what I read is preventing zincpest from spreading. What I would like to know is if this is recommended to preserve minty condition badges from turning bad.

    Do any of you apply this to, say, a minty Infantry Assault Badge? And, if so, what is the effect it has on the original appearance of the badge?

    Like to know this before I attempt it myself.

    My feeling says to leave the badges alone but once the condition is lost due to environment its lost forever.
    Research is what I am doing when I don't know what I'm doing.

    Never used Renwax however many here recommend vaseline.




        Thanks for the responses.

        Jacquesf: I found both those threads. I just can’t seem to see a consensus regarding mint badges in there. I’m still really curious if anyone uses this on mint items to prevent degradation.
        Research is what I am doing when I don't know what I'm doing.


          Kinda useless treating badges in mint condition.
          Just store them properly.
          I would leave them as they are.
          Renwax won't stop zincpest from developing.


            I agree-- with a mint piece showing no signs of deterioration, I would not do anything to it except to watch the temperature and humidity of the storage place and monitor its condition.
            Festina lente!


              Thanks guys

              This is my gut feel as well.

              But devil’s advocate time. If zinc pest is accelerated (maybe even triggered) by humidity, would sealing the item not protect it?

              Not going to do it with this advice confirming my suspicions, but it’s been food for thought.
              Research is what I am doing when I don't know what I'm doing.


                I personally would put a coat of Ren Wax on it for added protection.

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                  I have had good luck stopping zinc pest using a very light coating of vaseline in the exact spot where the pest is located. Yes. Be careful not to overdo it. Don't slather it on liberally. And, there's no need to put it all over the badge as a preventative. Only put it on the exact area where the pest is, using a VERY light coating, and remove any excess with a cloth. On most zinc items, it also seems to eliminate the white color of the pest and be virtually invisible. As for "sealing the area" from further humidity, vaseline (being a petroleum-based product) could help with that as well.

                  As for preventing zinc pest in general, from what I have read (in multiple articles), it is possible to stop it (or at least slow it down), depending on what is causing it. If the case is humidity, then, yes, you should also put your collection in a controlled environment and monitor the humidity with a hygrometer. Otherwise, the pest can also be caused by lead impurities in the zinc which interact with the zinc to cause the pest. However, I have always been able to control the pest using the very careful, pinpoint application of vasoline which I described. That is just a bit of advice from my own experience.

                  WARNING (And Disclaimer): Some people do insist (for some reason) that vaseline should never be used to combat the pest. Some say that it damages the metal the pest is already damaging--or rather, destroying. (Yes! That pest is eating away and destroying your valuable item anyway, without the help of anything else.) I am no expert. I am only telling you the results of my own experiences which began nearly a decade ago. Use any method you choose at your own discretion.

                  Good Luck,

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