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Austrian Artist destroying Third Reich artifacts

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    Originally posted by BrianK View Post
    If he does destroy items it won't hurt the market too much if he trashes common stuff like party flags or EK2s.
    It is not the market that is important. It is the destruction of history, just like IS has tried in the Arab TO? Anything that does not agree with the Prophet Mohamed was/is being destroyed where possible. Same shti different smell.


      Time to hand off all the fakes.


        Pretty sad to see this happen the destruction and/or thieving of historical artifacts. Many old people will probably fall for this and dump their items in his stupid box.

        Luckily it looked like quite a few items were just modern books but still... nothing wiill be done to remove his box that's for sure


          We have some Confederate statues that were taken down we can send to Austria.....


            The German language ad basically asks if anyone still has the unpleasant reminder of their Grandfather's Nazi past still hiding in the attic to contact him.

            My question to him is (since the Japanese refuse to accept or speak of their horrid past).....then what does HE still have in HIS attic regarding his Imperial Japanese Grandfather's past....the rape of Nanking perhaps?, or maybe the Battan Death March?,......what arrogance!
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              Originally posted by Prusakowski View Post
              We have some Confederate statues that were taken down we can send to Austria.....

              Why would you do that - they are not TR related? As for the 'artist', maybe he should destroy himself as the ultimate self-expression!?


                He is probably a grim effect of the atomic fall-out ... and so the speech, apart from this Japanese nothingness, could go on very far ...


                  I'm sure there are some EU collectors on here in the general proximity?

                  It'd be a great WAF experiment to coordinate submission of a bunch of fake items just to see what happens...

                  The more fantasy and wacky the item, the better!
                  Collector of French ww2-era insignia.


                    Sounds like a great idea; time to dump the cheap and crappy Sturm/chinese repros, the village theatre play-tier abominations (I've once seen a GREY JEAN JACKET with pressure buttons with eagles and Kragenspiegel, lol) you've had laying around!

                    It's a little bit like these gun buybacks in the USA at which people bring $10 plywood and lead tube pipeguns... The main difference is that the pipe gun makers go back home with hundreds of dollars in benefits, so it kills the fun in our situation.


                      Wonder, does he also destroy Third Reich ammunition?


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