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Hindenburg widow cross

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    Hindenburg widow cross

    I came usually as a reader on this site but this time, I got a question! I recently find for few buck this widow medal. This one have two tiny green spot of coorosion on the edge. What can I do to stop this corrosion without disturbing the patina? The ribbon is UV negative too on thisone. I got 2 pictures but as I new member posting, I'm not allow to post the pictures.


    Hello. I would leave the medal as is. The problem is when collectors try to clean a medal, they think it would make the medal even better but it can actually ruin a piece. My hindeburg medals have the same problem you are stating with the green corrosion. I just add renaissance wax and leave it as is to prevent it further from corrosion. The last thing you want to do is clean and potentially ruin a medal. Martin.


      no pictures here but answer would be same. Leave it as it is. Its patina (read history) on it.
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        I just wax it with rennaissance wax wich I used on roman coins for preservation. I does a good job and didn't disturb the patina.



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