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Conservator restored SS poster

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    Conservator restored SS poster

    Paul R. has asked me to post my SS poster (that I had put through a professional conservators ministrations) here in the Conservation/Safe keeping forum.

    Of especial import for this Conservation Forum is probably the before photos showing a marked decline in the condition of the poster over what I believe is a 20 year documentation on its condition's regression.

    Here is the link to the SS forum thread I started late last night.

    This also highlights the conundrum I had of where to originally post this progression sequence.

    Before I had it conserved, I showed it in the SS forums SS poster thread.
    Then last night ,
    I had to choose between this Conservation forum, the paper and photo forum, or the SS forum as to where to show new conditioned poster.

    I always end up posting in the the SS forum as I always am "playing" with SS items and hope for some SS expertise from others that is not always forthcoming on other forums.
    Also, as all the other forums are so polite and friendly, if I start posting there,I might begin to loose my ability to take the sometimes 'less than polite' environment at the SS forum.
    Attached Files
    Storms of Steel

    outline of what was done to the poster

    The following was done on the poster:

    Removed from board ( thin plywood like backing).

    Washing (with a cleanser- I was told it is similar to a hair cleanser)

    light bleaching


    linen backing

    repair (to old external damage and damage sustained in removal from board where it had merged/fused together after so many years)

    Storms of Steel


      Hi Michael, what did you use to deacidify pls ? I have a lovely HJ grouping to treat..


        Obviously, you have found a really good (rare) professional instaurator for this job, which probably cost you more than the poster itself but results are indeed amazing. Congrats!


          What a transformation, well done i know some people say leave well alone ,but this rare and historical poster would have been lost to time,but now generations to come will be able to admire it thanks kevin.


            This is a restoration, not to be confused with conservation.


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