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    Display Case - Question

    Hey all, so for displaying your ODM's do you just use a standard display case like the kind you can find on Medals of America, etc. Or, are there any specialty ones?

    Also, what background color do you prefer?

    Thanks so much!!!


    As for display cases, I use a combination of types. I use what are called Ryker Mounts for many, because they keep the medals/awards pressed against the background and glass, keeping them from moving around. They are also very portable, also allowing people to easily get a closer look, without handling them. I sometimes arrange those smaller cases within a larger case, with the same black border to mach (and it looks great, I think). For other medals (mostly those I am displaying with other items, like daggers, insignia, etc., I use any of the larger cases with more depth (those made with sides of aluminum or wood). I have bought most of my cases of all types from a company called Ruddles Mills; conveniently for me, they have a booth at the OVMS Show of Shows in Louisville almost every year, as well as having a website. As for background material, I always use white archival fleece in the Ryker Mounts, because it creates the best, clean contrast, with no distraction from the medals. In the larger cases, I tend to use very light brown, earthy-colored muslin or archival fleece. Why I use light brown rather than white in those is probably just because it matches the mostly wood-sided larger cases I have. Of course, all of this is just collector preference; ultimately, it's all a matter of personal taste and how you personally prefer to display your awards.
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