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    Photo Storage Options


    I have a growing collection of Uboat photos. I currently have them in plastic sleeves but it is becoming impractical and I’m looking to transition the collection into archival albums. I’d love to hear what folks have found to be good products or resources. I’m thinking of binders, box covers and plastic sleeves.

    Thanks in advance for any tips.


    I exclusively collect photos these days so I'm also interested if anyone can chime in. For now I also put them in individual plastic sleeves, but it would be nice to have something where they could be put together and properly appreciated.


      You want your photos stored in Mylar with a acid free backing board. You can find the Mylar for a binder and you could use a photo on each side..They will keep forever with no damage to them..
      They are used with valuable comics, artwork and documents. Many after the first year change out the backing board with a new one and you should be set for a very long time!.


        I use archival photo album $100 with photo corners . This way no adhesive needed
        its displays nicely


          Like others, I use archival-quality photo sleeves, in archival toploaders, and then stored in archival, acid free photo-storage boxes. Any backing boards used in the sleeves are also of the acid-free type--the type also readily found in comic book shops. I've never had a problem with anything storing my photos that way for decades now.

          "Since so much comes out of the woodwork, I'm considering a second career in carpentry."--Stahlhelm


            Thanks, Chris. I also use acid free sleeves and toploaders for a lot of my stuff, including the signed photos. But do you put each individual photo in its own top loader? At least for my collection, that might be impractical. I’ve been looking into archival photobox albums that use album sheets.


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