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How NOT to treat an antique entrenching tool

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    How NOT to treat an antique entrenching tool

    Ok I've had it with people. This is the dumbest thing I've seen in a while. This antique spade showed up on ebay, and in an attempt to figure out where it was from, I sent the seller a message asking if there was anything stamped on it.

    Look at what he responded with.
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    Never underestimate the stupidity of people
    Collecting Soviet orders and medals.


      People who don't deal, or are not involved with antiques have no idea how to treat them and what collectors like and don't like. Years ago my friend bought a house and he found some silver coins hidden in the basement. His wife cleaned them with the jewelry cleaner before offering them to the coin shop, thinking that nice, shiny and clean will be more attractive and more valuable. Boy, how they were disappointed after that visit to the coin shop.


        I went on a house call to value a nice untouched ww2 Japanese sword
        I made an offer and the people said they would ask their son
        A few days later they rang to say I could have the sword but when I went to pick it up the husband had taken a buffer to it
        They just couldn’t understand why I was upset and didn’t want to buy it


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