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Annual Update 2008

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    Annual Update 2008

    Every year after the SOS I like to take out my collection, dust it off and enjoy before I pack it away again. It gives me a chance to reaquaint with my stuff and see how far I have come. Due to my Flak book this was a very slow year, with few additions. Most of my items came from shows or members. I hope you enjoy a selection of my items.

    The RK from the "Hero of Monte Cassino, Hauptmann Waldemar Mueller. It is a rather large grouping, and I think the letter from the Gauleiter is a neat touch.

    Army Flak Badges are REALLY hard to find. This is a very complete grouping with award docs, Wehrpass, dogtags, and photos.

    A BSW Glider with Erel cap.

    This J1 Pilot/Observer is one of my favorite badges, and the case is correct.

    Another prize badge, and the dagger has a sweet blade.

    My grandmother was in the NH des Heeres, and though these are not hers they are part of an almost impossible to find grouping. My Oma was the same rank.

    Note the signatures...and the EK1 is a shinkel and the EK2 is schinkel-B!

    The enamel is perfect.

    A gorgeous tri-fold EK2 with prinzen...I have eclectic tastes.

    Note his unit - ABWEHR! How often do you see that???

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      The dagger has BRASS hardware and is full-gilt, with a stone mint blade. It sat in a desk drawer for 60 years before I got her. The GWL pilot is very nice.

      I love Iron Cross lore and the 1813 are the pinnacle. The EK2 is a multi-piece and the prinzen is cute.

      The AFRIKA was a nice find at this year's SOS and quite cheap!

      The 1870 Wagner is the best Iron Cross EVER MADE, and the EK2 bar is wonderful - I love the Braunschweig!

      These are so underappreciated!

      Maps always make nice backdrops.

      Lanyards are nice display elements, though I am still looking for a Luftwaffe Flak lanyard!

      My favorite PAB.

      The blade is a BYM.

      Oma was a DRK nurse before she went into the NH des Heeres.

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        This full-gilt SMF was a lucky snag, and the GWL observer flew in with the pilot above!

        I said I like Braunschweig!

        A trio of Juncker badges.

        Yes, from the "Russian Hoard." With a GWL P/O in the back.

        I like putting together logical groupings, so no, not everything here came together.

        One of the best of the crosses is this one, perfect enamel, not a scratch. The bar is named to a general, 1870.

        The PAB is an unmarked JFS, and the photo is the best lanyard shot I have seen.

        Those GWL are hard to find!

        This is a rare award indeed.

        Harder to find than you think - the paperwork is part of a nice grouping.

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          My Opa and some of his items. He carried the camera through much of the war.

          The knot on this dagger seems to have been there forever. The badge is a Juncker.

          The Luftwaffe ground guys went through alot...

          I do like them frosty! More Russian Hoard...

          I photographed this as if the plume of water erupted from the sea.

          The 8mm liven up a display!

          We often forget they were people with dreams...

          Well, I AM Flak88!

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            some great items RK is just outstanding thanks for sharing


              I hope you enjoy my small display. I don't have the rooms some of you have, but I enjoy my collection no less!

              Watch for my Flak book in the late Spring!


                You have an excellent eye for presentation. Those really are wonderful pictures. I know very little about the items themselves but even I know that I'm looking at a very nice collection.


                  Superb...and heres me looking for an affordable Flak Badge as if it were the Holy Grail



                    Wow!!! superb displays.. I love the items being put togheter.
                    may I ask how you store all your items?? since you dont have a room.



                      A bank vault - with small children it is just not practical for me to display the items.


                        awesome collection


                        one awesome collection.

                        and the photos are crystal clear what type of camera did you use?


                          I always look forward to your yearly updates. The pieces you have
                          put together are about the best examples to be found. QUALITY all
                          the way and as always your photos are outstanding.

                          Well done.
                          LIVE to RIDE - RIDE to LIVE

                          I was addicted to the Hokey-Pokey, but I turned myself around.


                            I use a Canon 20D with a 70mm Macro lens, diffusion panels, and flourescent bulbs with reflectors. And a tripod for long exposures. The ones with the blurred background were done at f2.8 and the rest at f11 for best sharpness. You can do very well taking photos for less, but I am pretty serious about photography.


                              I really enjoyed (and needed the tips) reading your how to photograph thread
                              You have taken some breath taking pictures here and the quality of your collection is truely outstanding i have loved both threads.

                              Thank you



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