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Wehrmacht Era Militaria
Crosses of the Wehrmacht Crosses of the Wehrmacht
Iron Cross, German Cross, War Merit Cross and Spain Cross.
Topics: 36,220 Posts: 404,031
Last Post: EK2 Juncker?
36,220 404,031
EK2 Juncker?
by boch_62
Topics: 25,767 Posts: 263,911
25,767 263,911
Topics: 15,926 Posts: 171,813
Last Post: Flak Badge - copy?
15,926 171,813
Topics: 8,876 Posts: 86,067
8,876 86,067
General Wehrmacht Awards General Wehrmacht Awards
Service Awards ("Flower War", Honor Cross, Long Service Awards, West Wall Medal), Honor Awards and medal/ribbon bars.
Topics: 11,035 Posts: 96,336
11,035 96,336
Wound Badge Forum Wound Badge Forum
A dedicated forum for the Wound badge from 1918 to 1939
Topics: 6,105 Posts: 54,154
Last Post: Brass Carl Wild
6,105 54,154
Brass Carl Wild
by toot
Topics: 6,381 Posts: 49,150
6,381 49,150
Eric-Jan Bakker Wehrpass and Soldbuch Forum Eric-Jan Bakker Wehrpass and Soldbuch Forum
Documents and IDs the Wehrmacht.
Topics: 11,135 Posts: 108,257
11,135 108,257
Photos and Paper Items Forum Photos and Paper Items Forum
Awards Documents and photos related to the era.
Topics: 26,722 Posts: 279,542
26,722 279,542
Order of Battle and Individual Research Forum Order of Battle and Individual Research Forum
Order of battle, unit history, personality research.
Topics: 8,217 Posts: 43,082
Last Post: KM Unit
8,217 43,082
KM Unit
by pauke
Police & Civil Organizations Forum Police & Civil Organizations Forum
Police, RAD, Luftschutz, Org. Todt and other civil support organizations
Topics: 10,115 Posts: 83,899
10,115 83,899
Tinnies & Political Badges Forum Tinnies & Political Badges Forum
All Political badges, Hitler Youth, Sports/Veteran organizations and Tinnies.
Topics: 11,788 Posts: 97,167
Last Post: Party Badges
11,788 97,167
Party Badges
Political Organizations Political Organizations
All aspects of Third Reich Political Organizations, including the SA, NSDAP, NSKK, NSFK, DAF, NSKOV, etc.
Topics: 10,602 Posts: 105,752
10,602 105,752
Jeff Clark
Kreisleitung Armband
Cases and Packets Forum Cases and Packets Forum
All things related to the packages of Wehrmacht Awards.
Topics: 3,094 Posts: 26,132
3,094 26,132
1957 Medals, Orders and Decorations 1957 Medals, Orders and Decorations
Third Reich Awards redesigned in 1957 without National Socialist Emblems, including Post-war and Veteran-related items.
Topics: 4,913 Posts: 65,507
4,913 65,507
HJ/BDM Forum HJ/BDM Forum
Topics: 153 Posts: 1,069
Last Post: HJ Collection
153 1,069
HJ Collection
by orelkob
Topics: 606 Posts: 3,843
606 3,843
Wehrmacht Field Gear and Equipment
Heer Uniforms and Insignia Forum Heer Uniforms and Insignia Forum
Uniforms, insignias and armbands.
Topics: 27,229 Posts: 279,223
27,229 279,223
Tony Barto SS Uniforms and Insignia Forum Tony Barto SS Uniforms and Insignia Forum
Dedicated to SS cloth collecting and anything else SS related.
Topics: 38,181 Posts: 469,032
Last Post: Ss should boards
38,181 469,032
Ss should boards
by GAMS1
Luftwaffe Flying Corps Forum Luftwaffe Flying Corps Forum
Uniforms, insignia, field gear, traditions, and history.
Topics: 8,993 Posts: 87,754
8,993 87,754
Fallschirmjäger Forum Fallschirmjäger Forum
Uniforms, helmets, field gear, insignia, badges, history, documents, and photos.
Topics: 12,027 Posts: 144,602
12,027 144,602
gas mask bag in Gj use
by OSS
Topics: 3,478 Posts: 28,423
3,478 28,423
Italian & European Axis Allies Forum Italian & European Axis Allies Forum
Dedicated to the Uniforms and Equipment of Italy and the other WWII German Allies.
Topics: 4,298 Posts: 38,605
4,298 38,605
John Burnett Helmet Forum John Burnett Helmet Forum
One of the most distinguishing characteristics of the German fighting force was their Stahlhelm.
Topics: 27,442 Posts: 391,532
27,442 391,532
Cloth Headgear Forum Cloth Headgear Forum
Covers officer visor, overseas caps, field caps, and any cloth headgear.
Topics: 15,515 Posts: 210,714
15,515 210,714
My new Luftschutz Visor
Wehrmacht Equipment Forum Wehrmacht Equipment Forum
Equipment and gear of the Wehrmacht era.
Topics: 21,439 Posts: 165,779
21,439 165,779
A Frame Bag for Review
by GAMS1
Firearms Forum Firearms Forum
Focused on the guns of the Third Reich, but posts on firearms from other WW II countries are also welcomed.
Topics: 15,499 Posts: 149,370
Last Post: Sauer 38h
15,499 149,370
Sauer 38h
by Gene
Large Ordnance Forum Large Ordnance Forum
Artillery shells, bombs, grenades, mortar rounds, fuzes, etc.
Topics: 3,354 Posts: 26,012
3,354 26,012
Achtung Panzer! Forum Achtung Panzer! Forum
This forum is designated to discuss the equipment, battles and people of the Panzertruppe.
Topics: 4,518 Posts: 44,145
Last Post: Panzer part?
4,518 44,145
lockheed nl
Panzer part?
Topics: 81 Posts: 633
81 633
Daggers and Edged Weapons Forum Daggers and Edged Weapons Forum
This is the corner of the site where you can talk about daggers, bayonets, swords and knifes of the Wehrmacht and related organizations.
Topics: 19,565 Posts: 194,063
19,565 194,063
Flag, Pennant and Standarte Forum Flag, Pennant and Standarte Forum
Wehrmacht, Political and Organizational Standards, flags, and car pennants.
Topics: 6,870 Posts: 60,539
6,870 60,539
Belts and Buckles Forum Belts and Buckles Forum
This forum is dedicated to the specialized world of belts and belt buckle collecting.
Topics: 12,949 Posts: 98,029
Last Post: 2 Luftwaffe Buckles
12,949 98,029
2 Luftwaffe Buckles
by JamesT
Communications Equipment Communications Equipment
Radio, telephony and radar equipment
Topics: 3,033 Posts: 21,447
3,033 21,447
Optics Forum Optics Forum
Rangefinders, binoculars, sniper scopes, cameras and their accessories
Topics: 4,079 Posts: 32,434
4,079 32,434
Ken Jasper International Militaria Forums
Imperial German Awards and her Allies Imperial German Awards and her Allies
The discussion and study of Imperial German awards and of their Central Powers Allies from the First World War
Topics: 21,932 Posts: 199,786
21,932 199,786
Imperial German Headgear, Uniforms, and Field Gear Forum Imperial German Headgear, Uniforms, and Field Gear Forum
Pickelhauben, helmets, cloth headgear, uniforms, insignia, field gear, and blades
Topics: 6,089 Posts: 56,553
6,089 56,553
Topics: 1,228 Posts: 10,405
1,228 10,405
International Militaria Forum
Rest of the World Militaria.
Topics: 8,386 Posts: 58,768
8,386 58,768
U.S. Militaria Forum
Militaria of the United States of America.
Topics: 22,250 Posts: 180,584
22,250 180,584
Topics: 12,451 Posts: 112,795
12,451 112,795
Japanese Militaria Forum Japanese Militaria Forum
All Japanese Militaria
Topics: 11,227 Posts: 101,418
11,227 101,418
Help with I.D. of medal.
by Green5
Nordic Militaria 1915-45 Nordic Militaria 1915-45
Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish militaria
Topics: 25 Posts: 207
25 207
Communist Bloc Militaria Communist Bloc Militaria
Communist Militaria 1917-Present
Topics: 4,674 Posts: 39,913
4,674 39,913
Deutsche Demokratische Republik Deutsche Demokratische Republik
All things related to the German Democratic Republic 1949-1989
Topics: 6,781 Posts: 94,440
6,781 94,440
Bundesrepublik Deutschland, 1949-Present
From West Germany through to the modern reunified German Republic.
Topics: 1,749 Posts: 22,815
1,749 22,815
Indo China Wars 1945 - 1975. Indo China Wars 1945 - 1975.
Covering, French Indo China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, etc.
Topics: 2,288 Posts: 28,180
2,288 28,180
Korean War
Dedicated to the history and memorabilia of the war in Korea, 1950 to the present.
Topics: 297 Posts: 2,120
297 2,120
Community Forums
Collections Display Forum
Whether your collection is 5 or 500, share it here! Also share cabinets, storage, display and cataloging techniques.
Topics: 4,221 Posts: 133,943
4,221 133,943
KVK display: the beginning
by Gorg
Groupings and Individual Soldier's History Archive Forum
Dedicated to the personal history of individual soldiers - any war, any country. One thread per individual. No 'looking for' or general comment threads.
Topics: 326 Posts: 4,513
326 4,513
Conservation/Safe Keeping Forum
Want that item to last for ever? Well, we can try. Find out how here.
Topics: 1,311 Posts: 10,389
1,311 10,389
Roger Bender Book Review and Media
All books, TV and movies belong here.
Topics: 4,676 Posts: 38,349
4,676 38,349
Jan's New Helmet Book
by HAF
Living History Forum
Discussions of battlefield sites, reenacting, veteran news, and all "current" historical events.
Topics: 4,474 Posts: 59,673
4,474 59,673
Model Building and Display Forum Model Building and Display Forum
Post tips, methods, tools and final outcome of your projects!
Topics: 2,194 Posts: 27,734
2,194 27,734
Testing and Technical Advice
Technical questions/advice and tests.
Topics: 1,211 Posts: 3,057
Last Post: Test pictures
1,211 3,057
Test pictures
by Ronny.R
Memoriam Forum
Topics: 46 Posts: 476
Last Post: Karel
46 476
Ralph P
by Ralph P Collector's Association Member's Area
Project Forum
Dedicated to individual and forum projects. Association members only.
Topics: 160 Posts: 676
160 676
Fake Documents Gallery
Association Members only.
Topics: 99 Posts: 619
99 619
Ground Dug Battlefield Items Forum Ground Dug Battlefield Items Forum
Association Members only.
Topics: 291 Posts: 12,638
291 12,638

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