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Political Organizations All aspects of Third Reich Political Organizations, including the SA, NSDAP, NSKK, NSFK, HJ, DAF, NSKOV, etc.

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War Time NSDAP Hierarchy (1939-1945)
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Default War Time NSDAP Hierarchy (1939-1945)

I often get confused over the political system, I am hoping to have a list below that shows the hierarchy of the political system, so for people like me that work better with a visual aid they can come here.

Originally I was just going to do this for myself, but I understand there is way to much information for me, and then thought it might be interesting to share. If this one goes over well, I will make a complete hierarchy of para-military organizations and military ones as well.

Before I go any further, do these lists appear anywhere, so I can save my time and others too!! So here is my hope, that we can get a list going of people that fit under each category - obviously it is impossible the further you go down, but as complete as possible for the higher ranking people - I have got it started to show kind of what I am after. If this goes well I will like to add period photographs for as many people as I can, as well as perhaps a SHORT biography on each person as well... It will be a MASSIVE database for people of the NSDAP.

German Third Reich Political Hierarchy

Der Führer (The Leader)

Adolf Hitler

Reichsleiter (National Leaders)

Max Amann
(Reichsleiter for the Press & SS-Obergruppenführer);
Walter Buch
(Chief of the Oberstes Parteigericht & SS-Obergruppenführer);
Martin Bormann
(Chief of the Party Chancellery / Private Secretary to the Führer);
Philipp Bouhler
(Chief of the Chancellery of the Führer of the NSDAP & SS-Obergruppenführer);
Ricardo Walther Oscar Darré
(Reichsminister of Food and Agriculture (Pre-1942 Succeeded by Herbert Backe) & SS-Obergruppenführer);
Otto Dietrich
(Reich Press Chief of the NSDAP & SS-Obergruppenführer);
Franz Ritter von Epp
(Chief of the Military-Political Office & Leader of the German Colonial Society);
Karl Fiehler
(Chief of the Main Office for Municipal Politics);
Hans Frank
(Governor-General of the Occupied Poland & SS-Obergruppenführer);
Dr. Wilhelm Frick
(Minister of the Interior of the Third Reich (Pre-1943 Succeeded by H. Himmler) & Protector of Bohemia and Moravia (1943-1945));
Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels
(Reich Propaganda Leader of the NSDAP);
Konstantin Hierl
(Leader of the Reich Labor);
Heinrich Himmler
(Reichsführer-SS, Chief of the German Police, Reich Minister of the Interior (1943-1945), Director of the Reich Main Security Office (1942-1943) & Reich Commissioner for the Strengthening of German Nationhood);
Dr. Robert Ley
(Reich Organization Leader of the NSDAP & Head of the German Labour Front);
Viktor Lutze
(Chief of Staff of the SA (Pre-1943 Succeeded by Wilhelm Schepmann );
Alfred Rosenberg
(Representative of the Führer, Reich Minister for the Occupied Eastern Territories (1941-1945) & Leader of the Foreign Policy Office of the NSDAP);
Baldur von Schirach
(Reich Leader for the Education of Youth of the NSDAP (1940, Succeeded by Artur Axmann);
Franz Xaver Schwarz
(Reich Treasurer of the NSDAP & SS-Oberst-Gruppenführer).

Gauleiter (Head of Administrative Division)

Auslands-Organisation der NSDAP (NSDAP/AO)
• Ernst Wilhelm Bohle (1933–1945)

Gau Baden, Gauleiter:
• Robert Heinrich Wagner (25 March 1925 – May 1945)

Gau Bayerische Ostmark (Bavarian Eastern March), Gauleiter:
• Hans Schemm (1933–1935)
• Fritz Wachtler (1935–1945)
• Ludwig Ruckdeschel (1945)

Gau Berlin, Gauleiter:
• Joseph Goebbels (1929–1945)

Gau Berlin - Brandenburg, Gauleiter:
• Joseph Goebbels (1926–1929)

Gau Danzig, Gauleiter:
• Albert Forster (1930–1945)

Gau Düsseldorf, Gauleiter:
• Friedrich Karl Florian (1929–1945)

Gau Essen, Gauleiter:
• Josef Terboven (1928–1945)
• Acting Gauleiter: Fritz Schlessmann (April 1940 – May 1945)

Gau Flandern, Gauleiter:
• Jef van de Wiele (December 1944 – April 1945) (in exile in Germany)

Gau Franken (Franconia), Gauleiter:
• Julius Streicher (1929–1940)
• Hans Zimmermann (1940–1941)
• Karl Holz (1942–1945)
• Acting Gauleiter: Karl Holz (1940 – April 1945)

Gau Halle - Merseburg, Gauleiter:
• Joachim Albrecht Eggeling (1938–1945)

Gau Hamburg, Gauleiter:
• Karl Kaufmann (1929–1945)

Gau Hessen - Nassau, Gauleiter:
• Jakob Sprenger (1933–1945)

Gau Hessen - Nassau-Nord, Gauleiter:
• Karl Weinrich (1927 - autumn 1943)
• Acting Gauleiter: Karl Gerland (1944–1945)

Gau Kärnten (Carinthia, in Austria), Gauleiter:
• Hubert Klausner (1939–1940)
• Franz Kutschera (1940–1941)
• Friedrich Rainer (1942–1944)

Gau Koblenz - Trier, Gauleiter:
• Gustav Simon (1931–1945)

Gau Köln - Aachen (Cologne-Aachen)
• Joseph Grohé (1931–1945)

Gau Kurmark (Elector's March), Gauleiter:
• Emil Stürtz (1939–1945)

Gau Magdeburg - Anhalt, Gauleiter:
• Rudolf Jordan (1937–1945)

Gau Mecklenburg, Gauleiter:
• Friedrich Hildebrandt (1931–1945)

Gau München-Oberbayern (Munich - Upper Bavaria), Gauleiter:
• Adolf Wagner (1933–1944)
• Paul Giesler (1944–1945)

Gau Niederdonau (Lower Danube, i.e. Niederösterreich, in Austria), Gauleiter:
• Hugo Jury (1939–1945)

Gau Niederschlesien (Lower Silesia, split-off of Gau Schlesien; after the war lost to Poland), Gauleiter:
• Karl Hanke (1940–1945)

Gau Oberdonau (Upper Danube, i.e. Oberösterreich, in Austria), Gauleiter:
• August Eigruber (1939–1945)

Gau Oberschlesien (Upper Silesia, split-off of Gau Schlesien; after the war lost to Poland), Gauleiter:
• Fritz Bracht (1940–1945)

Gau Osthannover (East Hannover), Gauleiter:
• Otto Telschow (1925–1945)

Gau Ostpreußen (East Prussia), Gauleiter:
• Erich Koch (1928–1945)

Gau Pfalz–Saar, Gauleiter:
• Josef Bürckel (1935–1944)
• Willi Stöhr (1944–1945)

Gau Pommern (Pomerania; after the war mostly lost to Poland), Gauleiter:
• Franz Schwede-Coburg (1935–1945)

Gau Sachsen (Saxony), Gauleiter:
• Martin Mutschmann (1925–1945)

Gau Salzburg (in Austria), Gauleiter:
• Friedrich Rainer (1939–1941)
• Gustav Adolf Scheel (1941–1945)

Gau Schlesien [Gau Schlesien was divided into Niederschlesien & Oberschlesien, i.e. Lower- & Upper Silesia, 1940], Gauleiter:
• Josef Wagner (12 December 1934 - 1940)

Gau Schleswig - Holstein, Gauleiter:
• Hinrich Lohse (1925–1945)

Gau Schwaben (Swabia), Gauleiter:
• Karl Wahl (1928–1945)

Gau Steiermark (Styria, in Austria), Gauleiter:
• Siegfried Uiberreither (1939–1945)

Gau Sudetengau (the ethnically German border regions of Czechoslovakia with Germany and Austria, separated from the puppet-state Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia) [Sudetengau was known as Gau Sudetenland after 1939.], Gauleiter:
• Konrad Henlein (1939–1945)

Gau Sudhannover - Braunschweig (South Hannover - Brunswick) [Gau Sudhannover - Braunschweig was founded in 1928 when Hannover - Nord & Hannover - Sud merged], Gauleiter:
• Bernhard Rust (1928–1940)
• Hartmann Lauterbacher (1940–1945)

Gau Thüringen (Thuringia), Gauleiter:
• Fritz Sauckel (1927–1945)

Gau Tirol - Vorarlberg (in Austria), Gauleiter:
• Franz Hofer (1938–1945)

Gau Unterfranken (Lower Franconia) [Unterfranken was known as Gau Mainfranken after 1935], Gauleiter:
• Otto Hellmuth (1928–1945)

Gau Wallonien, Gauleiter:
• Léon Degrelle (Dec. 1944 - Apr. 1945) (in exile in Germany)

Gau Wartheland (named after the river Warta in Poland) [Wartheland was known as Warthegau before 1939], Gauleiter:
• Arthur Greiser (1939–1945)

Gau Weser - Ems, Gauleiter:
• Karl Rover (1929–1942)
• Paul Wegener (1942–1945)

Gau Westfalen - Nord, Gauleiter:
• Alfred Meyer (1932–1945)

Gau Westfalen - Sud, Gauleiter:
• Josef Wagner (1932–1941)
• Paul Giesler (1941–1943)
• Albert Hoffmann (19 June 1943 - May 1945)

Gau Wien (Vienna, in Austria), Gauleiter:
• Odilo Globocnik (1938–1939)
• Josef Bürckel (1939–1940)
• Baldur von Schirach (August 1940 – May 1945)

Gau Württemberg - Hohenzollern, Gauleiter:
• Wilhelm Murr (1928–1945)

Hauptbefehlsleiter (Senior Command Leader)
• Hans Saupert (Appointed April 20, 1940)
• Friedrich Schmidt (Appointed April 20, 1940)
• Fritz Reinhardt (Appointed in between July 9, 1940-October 31, 1941)
• Dr. Fritz Todt (Appointed in between May 1941-February 1942)
• Wilhelm Baur (Held rank on August 21, 1944)
• Claus Selzner (Appointed posthumously after his death on June 21, 1944)

Oberbefehlsleiter (Upper Service Leader)
• Erich Hilgenfeldt (Appointed sometime before September 26, 1940)
• Otto Marrenbach (Appointed sometime before September 26, 1940)
• Dr. Paul Ruoff (Appointed sometime before September 26, 1940)
• Dr. Anton Lingg (Appointed sometime before September 26, 1940)
• Hugo Fischer (Appointed sometime before September 26, 1940)
• Heinrich Simon (Appointed sometime before September 26, 1940)
• Fritz Mehnert (Appointed sometime before September 26, 1940)
• Gotthard Urban (Appointed sometime before September 26, 1940)
• Helmuth Friedrichs (Appointed as early as Summer 1941)
• Albert Speer (Appointed February 8, 1942)
• Herbert Backe (Appointed May 23, 1942)
• Otto Thierack (Appointed August 20, 1942)
• Karl Scharizer (Appointed after February 21, 1942)
• Albert Miller (Held rank in June 1944)
• Arno Schickendanz (Appointed September 1, 1942)
• Walther Sommer (Appointed sometime before September 26, 1940, but lost Party rank on September 2, 1942)
• Karl Linder (Appointed sometime after April 20, 1941)
• Dr. Leonardo Conti (Appointed sometime after September 26, 1940)
• Rudolf Schmeer
• Karl-Heinrich Hederich
• Fritz Reckmann
• Richard Schaller

Befehlsleiter (Command Leader)
• Hellmut Stellrecht (Appointed sometime in 1941)
• Ludwig Ruckdeschel (Appointed sometime in 1941)
• Gerhard Klöpfer (Appointed as early as November 10, 1943)
• Fritz Ebenböck (Appointed sometime in 1943)
• Leopold Gutterer (Appointed November 9, 1941)
• Karl Holz (Promoted to Gauleiter in 1944)
• Hermann Röhn
• Herbert Parson
• Peter Stangier
• Wilhelm Sieh
• Kurt Schmalz
• Ferdinand Grossherr
• Georg Joel
• Artur Görlitzer

Probably because I'm trying to do one complete list when it should be divided into Municipal, Provincial and National.... hmm

Hauptdienstleiter (Senior Service Leader)

Oberdienstleiter (Head Service Leader)

Dienstleiter (Service Leader)
• Gerhard Klopfer (Appointed sometime before 1942)

Hauptbereichsleiter (Head Zone/Regional Leader)

Oberbereichsleiter (Senior Zone/Regional Leader)

Bereichsleiter (Zone/Regional Leader)

Hauptabschnittsleiter (Head Section Leader)

Oberabschnittsleiter (Senior Section Leader)

Abschnittsleiter (Section Leader)


Hauptbereitschaftsleiter (Head Community Leader)

Obergemeinschaftsleiter (Senior Community Leader)

Gemeinschaftsleiter (Community Leader)

Haupteinsatzleiter (Head Action Leader)

Obereinsatzleiter (Senior Action Leader)

Einsatzleiter (Action Leader)

Hauptbereitschaftsleiter (Head Readiness Leader)

Oberbereitschaftsleiter (Senior Readiness Leader)

Bereitschaftsleiter (Readiness Leader)

Hauptarbeitsleiter (Head Work Leader)

Oberarbeitsleiter (Senior Work Leader)

Arbeitsleiter (Work Leader)

Oberhelfer (Senior Assistant)

Helfer (Helper / Junior Assistant)

Anwärter-Partel (Candidate / Party Member)

Anwärter-Nicht Partel (Candidate / Non-Party Member)
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Br. James
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Indeed a massive undertaking! Congratulations on your work thus far. Have you visited Michael Miller's Axis Biographical Research website -- http://www.geocities.com -- if you haven't, it will provide you with great detail.

Keep up the fine research,

Br. James
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Originally Posted by Br. James View Post
Indeed a massive undertaking! Congratulations on your work thus far. Have you visited Michael Miller's Axis Biographical Research website -- http://www.geocities.com -- if you haven't, it will provide you with great detail.

Keep up the fine research,

Br. James
Thanks for the suggestion James - should prove to be useful...

Here is the direct link for others: http://www.geocities.com/~orion47/
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very informative Thank You for the work.
Regards, xavier
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Right now I am working on getting more information on each of the Reichsleiter... When I am done each person should have a bio + a couple photos - once the Richsleiter is done I will move downwards, where the information is increasingly more difficult to obtain! All the best.

AMANN, Max (1891 - 1957)
Reichsleiter / SS-Obergruppenführer / M.d.R.:

Born: 24 Nov. 1891 in München / Bayern
Died: 31 Mar. 1957 in München / Bayern

NSDAP-Nr.: 3 (1 Oct. 1921)
SS-Nr.: 53 143 (15 Mar. 1932)


• SS-Obergruppenführer: 30. Jan. 1936
• SS-Gruppenführer: 15. Mar. 1932


Amann was born in Munich on 24 November 1891. During World War I he was Adolf Hitler's sergeant.
He joined the NSDAP in October 1921, as the Party's business manager After 1922, he also led the Nazis' publishing house, Eher Verlag, which, among other things, published the SS magazine Das Schwarze Korps.In 1924 he was elected as a NSDAP candidate to the Munich city council and in 1933 became a Nazi member of the Reichstag for the electoral district of Upper Bavaria/Swabia. Perhaps Amann's most notable contribution to history was persuading Hitler to retitle his first book from Four and a Half Years (of Struggle) Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice to Mein Kampf, which he also published, and became a major source of Eher-Verlag's income. He lost his left arm in an accident with a firearm while hunting with Franz Ritter von Epp on 4 September 1931 .
Soon after the creation of the Nazi state, Amann was named president of the Reich Media Chamber and Reich Press Leader. In this role, he established National Socialist control over the industry, closing down or seizing newspapers that did not fully support Hitler's regime. He pursued a dual-pronged strategy. In his official role as president of the Media Chamber, he had the power to seize any paper that ran counter to the government's wishes. Then, as head of the Eher Verlag, he bought them for mere pfennigs on the mark--in many cases, via "auctions" in which he was the sole bidder. Combined with the proceeds from Mein Kampf, this eventually made Amann the largest newspaper publisher in Germany and one of the largest in the world. He made a fortune off Nazism; his income jumped from 108,000 RM IN 1934 to 3.8 million RM in 1942.
However, as a party official, Amann lacked talent, being a poor speaker and debater. In addition, his handwriting was illegible, thus his Chief of Staff and deputy, Rolf Rienhardt, performed these duties for him. Rolf Rienhardt was not the adjutant of Max Amann. He died on 16.03.1975.
Arrested by Allied troops after the war, Amann was deemed a Hauptschuldiger (Prominent Guilty Party) and sentenced to ten years in a labour camp on 8 September 1948 but was released in 1953. Stripped of his property, pension rights and practically all of his fortune, he died in poverty on 30 March 1957, in Munich.

Decorations & Awards:

• 1914 Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse (1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class)
• Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer (Honour Cross of the World War 1914/1918 - for Combatants (Commonly known as: The Hindenburg Cross))
• Landesorden
• Goldenes Parteiabzeichen (Golden Party Badge)
• Coburg Abzeichen 1922 (1922 Coburg Badge)
• Blutorden (Blood Order)
• Ehrenzeichen “Pionier der Arbeit” (Pioneer of Labor Decoration): 1 May 1941
• Ehrenschild der Hauptstadt der Bewegung (Honor Shield of the Capital of the Movement [München]): 24. Nov. 1941
• Dienstauszeichnungen der NSDAP in Gold, Silber und Bronze (Service awards from the National Socialist Party in grades: Gold, Silver and Bronze)
• SS-Dienstauszeichnungen (SS-Service Awards)
• Ehrendegen des RF SS (Honor Sword)
• Ehrendegen des RF SS with special dedication from Reichsführer-SS “to Meinem lieben Max Amann”: 24. Nov. 1940
• Totenkopfring der SS (The SS Totenkopf Ring)


• 1 May 1941: Named as a "Pionier der Arbeit" ("Pioneer of Labor")
• 1935-1945: Mitglied des Reichskultursenats (Member of the Imperial Senate for Culture)
• 15 Nov. 1933-1945: Präsident der Reichspressekammer (President of the Reich Press Chamber)
• 14 Nov. 1933-?: Vorsitzender der Vorstandes des “Vereins Deutschen Zeitungen” (Chairman of the Board of the "Association of German Newspapers):
• 1933 - 8 May 1945: Mitglied des Reichstages (Wahlkreis Oberbayern/Schwaben) (Member of the Reichstag (the constituency of Upper Bavaria / Swabia))
• 1933-8 May 1945: Reichsleiter für die gesamte NS-Presse (Reich Leader for the entire Nazi Press)
• 12 Jun. 1930-?: Mitglied des Kreistages von Oberbayern (Member of the District of Upper BavariaMember of the District of Upper Bavaria)
• 1922 – 8 May 1945: Reichsleiter der NSDAP für die Presse & Direktor des Zentralverlages der NSDAP (Franz Eher Verlag) (Leader of the NSDAP for Press & Publishing Director of the Central of the NSDAP)
• 19 Nov. 1923 - 12 Dec. 1923: In Investigative and protective custody
• 9 Nov. 1923: Participant in München Putsch
• 1921 - ?: Geschäftsführer (General Manager) der NSDAP
• Feldwebel (Sergeant) in the Bavarian List Regiment (Hitler's company sergeant), World War I.

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If you come to Gauleiter Linder then i can help you with the fact that he has been awarded with the Honour Ring of Frankfurt in 1938 on the Reichs Handwerker Tag.
Hermann Goring was awarded in 1939 with this ring.
It s only been awarded 35 or 36 times, one of the rarest ive seen so far!
I have the 1938 Linder Ring see my post here:

Good luck on your search!

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Thanks, but I've abandoned this as I was told it was already completed...

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