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Default Führersonderzug

Dear Sirs.

I am not sure if this is the right forum, but I will try anymay.

Where do I find info on Hitlers Führersonderzug? Does any of you know something about it? Where is the train today ect...

Regards Jules
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here a link, german:


i attempt times in english
the pseudonym spring storm the place of residence of Hitler carried during the Balkans war in sews the 35km south of Viennese again city convenient moenichkirchen. Because of the estimating events on the Balkans – the campaign began at the 6.april 1941 with an air raid on Belgrade, after to Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union three does not meet before a friendship and a nonaggression treaty had closed – was no more time, in time a firm more fuehrerhauptquatier to build. Hitler was also not obvious ready, alternatively one the available military fitted in Austria, e.g. barracks to accept as HQ as it did it accompanying field relay of the OKH. Therefore the command car of the leader special train with its modest possibilities served as constant job for Hitler, keitel and jodl.
Spring storm was not any more than a remote station of the single-railed railroad line of Viennese again city over market aspang. At the 1.april 1941, after the assistance of the armed forces for mussolinis invasion troops was in Greece decided thing, the commander of the FHQu, banner leader flew lieutenant colonel Thomas, with the boss – of the SS escort parties of Hitler, more rattenhuber, an officer and a National Railroad advice from Berlin to Viennese again city. From there they drove to far for the investigation of a suitable parking area for the leader special train. They selected a railway tunnel 2km north of moenichkirchen, in whose northern part for the leader special train America a parking area should be found, while the course Atlas of the armed forces operations staff was accommodated in southpart. Two further tunnelled routes north of friedberg(suedlich monk churches) were found than suitably that turning off the special trains asien(vor and main course) of the commander in chief of the Air Force goering.
The telephone exchange should find their place in kirchberg, to more than 10km north of moenichkirch.
The commander of the FHQu met at the 9.april in moenichkirchen 2 meets later took over leader begleitbatallion, which combat-strengthened meanwhile one from 1157 men had reached, its quatiere: staff in the critical point and hotel moenichkirchener yard, staff company in the hotel long and hotel more hofer into moenichkirchen, narichtenzug in the hotel black eagles in aspang, 1.kompanie in the property yard moenichkirchen mitteregg and hotel high change in moenichkirchen, 2.kompanie in the hotel long in moenichkirchen, 3.kompanie in the hotel of black eagles in moenichkirchen, the stork landing command 1 in the sticking factory aspang, stork –the landing command 2 in the hotel forest home at the road aspang moenichkirchen, which was flakbatterie in the hotel of black eagles in aspang, grey the column that the 6-rad-personenkraftwagen Hitler in the hotel high change in moenichkirchen. Fuehrerkurrierstaffel in Viennese again city was accommodated.
The special train Atlas arrived in the evening of 11-April around 20.1ühr in the station diver schaueregg. The leader special train America arrived next tomorrow against 7.20uhr at the critical point moenichkirchen. Because of snow it had 2stunden delay. Himmlers special train heinrich drove behind Hitler's course from Berlin over Munich to vienna, however into that approximately 60km of spring tower removed bruck to mur rerouted and there stationed. Goerings special train Asia would be allowed to do the intended tunnel north of friedberg, only few km south Hitler's location, reached. ribbentrops special train Westphalia in the Viennese south station was turned off. The OKH used the buildings of the military academy Viennese again city as more feldquatier.
From spring storm led Hitler of 12 until 25 April the Balkans campaign. He lived in its special train America, whose locomotive constantly under steam, in order to be able to shift if necessary the course into the close tunnel. Leader begleitbatallion the surrounding area secured. Hitler left the course only, in order to go to foot to that close convenient small hotel moenichkircher yard, where it regarded the newest wochenschauen.

On 19.4 visited king boris III of Bulgaria and the German envoy in the Turkey, franz of papen, the leader in moenichkirchen. On the occasion of its 52.geburtstages on 20-April it paced down the honouring formation of the leading inheriting sliding asking all ion and took afterwards on the platform the congratulations of the personnel of the FHQu against. the Italian minister of foreign affairs count ciano brought it greets mussolinis. A place concert decided this birthday celebration.
A little later, at the 24.april, the Hungarian realm Weser count visited horthy Hitler. It concerned of Hungary territorial portion during an allocation of Yugoslavia.
After the victory over Yugoslavia verliss Hitler moenichkirchen at the 26.april over ùhr in the morning.
best regards

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