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Famous Hitler rally photo: Fake or real?
Old 10-15-2010, 02:20 PM   #1
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Default Famous Hitler rally photo: Fake or real?


Famous Hitler rally picture probably faked

Published: 14 Oct 10 16:05 CET
Online: http://www.thelocal.de/national/20101014-30503.html
A famous 1914 photo showing a young Adolf Hitler in the thick of the crowd at a First World War rally – which the Nazis later used as a propaganda picture – was probably faked, German media said Thursday

Düsseldorf historian Gerd Krumeich has studied the picture and its history and concluded that Hitler was superimposed to lend credibility to the image of the Nazi leader as a patriot and a man of the people, daily Die Welt reported Thursday.

The photo was taken by Munich photographer Heinrich Hoffmann at a rally in support of war against the allies in Munich’s Odeonplatz on August 2, 1914.

But it was not until March 12, 1932 that it was published in the Nazi party newspaper the Illustrierte Beobachter, or "Illustrated Observer," the day before the presidential election, after Hitler’s opponents had attacked Hitler over his flight from military service in Austria-Hungary and questioned his patriotism.

The caption on the picture read: “Adolf Hitler, the German patriot … in the middle of the crowd stands with blazing eyes – Adolf Hitler.”

The photo went on to become a favourite Nazi propaganda picture, appearing with captions such as “Adolf Hitler: a man of the people.”

Hoffmann, who was one of the founders and the main supplier of pictures for the Nazi paper, always claimed he had discovered Hitler in the photo by chance after the future Führer visited his studio in 1929. Hitler had told him he was at the rally, Hoffmann said.

Hoffmann then dug out a glass picture negative he’d planned to throw away and found Hitler in the image.

“I only needed to search for a very short time, one standing there, yes, it’s him – his hair falls over the forehead,” Hoffmann once said. “His face cannot deceive – it is him.”

Until now, that version has been regarded as fact. The photo of the future Führer in Odeonplatz has been used countless times in newspapers, Hitler biographies and school books.

Most damningly, Krumeich found a different version of the picture in the Hoffmann photo archive in Bavaria. In that image, Hitler’s characteristic lock of hair over the forehead looks clearly different – suggesting the photo had been retouched.

The glass plate negative to the picture has never been found.

Krumeich has looked for other photos of the same rally both in archives and in newspapers and books. He noticed that other pictures of the event taken from different standpoints, including a picture taken by Hoffmann, do not show Hitler.

The picture is included in the new exhibition, “Hitler and the Germans – Nation and Crime,” which opens Friday. The caption on the picture mentions the doubts about its authenticity.

The Local/dw
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Old 10-15-2010, 04:28 PM   #2
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I don't know either way but it seems like a lot of trouble to fake a photo that in my opinion does not look altered. If they could produce another photo of the same picture without Hitler it would say one or the other was bad. I only read that another photo of the rally did not have Hitler in it. Not everyone will show up in every photo taken of any rally. Because the negitive is lost to history who can say for sure?
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Old 10-15-2010, 05:02 PM   #3
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With his EK1 and well known war wounds, I harldy think that his image needed to "lend credibility to the image of the Nazi leader as a patriot".
A mass rally of 1,000's of people, Hitler not visible in every picture of it ?
Gee, go figure !
I think it would be more amazing if the same person was visible in every pic than not.

I think that theres enough legit questionable episodes concerning Hitler, such as the Reichstag fire, or the Bürgerbräukeller assassination attempt, without getting into these obscure conspiracy theories.
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Old 10-17-2010, 10:55 PM   #4
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Someone is always trying to paint ol' Adolf in a bad light.
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Old 10-29-2010, 10:53 PM   #5
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Sorry Gents
I dont understand this post at all. They exists the original film footage of the event. It was discovered not long ago among some other period canned film from old achives. As mentioned it even shows still photographers taking pictures on the steps. All the film is in remarkable condition because it was never shown untill recently.
It was filmed outside the Feldhern Hall in Munich Aug2 1914.
They was a lot of filming done during the first weeks outside public buildings all over Europe where huge crowds would gather to hear latest announcements and see postings.
This latest story is news grabbing hogwash. imo

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Old 10-30-2010, 04:27 AM   #6
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Eric, FYI I posted your words and a link to this thread on the site's news story. They can't lie now! LOL

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Old 10-31-2010, 03:04 AM   #7
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wow they had some excellent "photo shopping" tools back then ! Comparing it to my WWII american propaganda photo shopped postcard .... its a load of rubbish !

This fabricated lie doesnt even deserve a thread IMO
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