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Chinese Police Rank Insignia (my collection)
Old 04-04-2003, 04:55 PM   #1
Frank Soon
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Default Chinese Police Rank Insignia (my collection)

Hello, everybody:
I'm a rank insignia collector from China, I'd like to post some pics of some of my collections.

The Chinese police 92 collar tabs used from 1992-1995 were the 1st version of police rank insignia and were the best design ever in China (in my opinion), because it was the 1st and the only time that we dropped the old pattern of "stripe & star" in rank insignia designing.

There are 4 departments in the Chinese Police: 1. Public Security 2. National Security(anti-espionage),3. Prison Guards 4. Court Police. Each department (except the public security) had its own distinctive color shown on the borders of the collar tabs. And, the collar tabs worn by the technical personnel were white, the collar tabs worn by the rest of the policemen were dark green.

Thus, there were 7 different kinds of collar tabs

1. Public Security (dark green, no border) --->2. Its technical personnel(white, no border)
3. National Security (dark green, blue border) --->4. Its technical personnel(white, blue border)
5. Prison Guards (dark green, red border) --->6. Its technical personnel(white, red border)
7. Court Police (dark green, yellow border) --->Court Police doesn't have technical personnel.

And, each kind of the collar tabs mentioned above had 3 versions: 1. "hard" collar tabs for winter uniform(with aluminium stars on the tabs); 2. "soft" collar tabs for summer uniform(embroidered stars on velvet tabs)(earlier version);3. "soft' collar tabs for summer uniform(later version).

Order of Ranks

Commissioner General: 1 8-pointed star in a full wreath
Deputy Commissioner General: 1 8-pointed star in a half wreath
Commissioner 1st class--3rd class: 3-1 8-pointed star
Supervisor 1st class--3rd class: 3-1 4-pointed star
Superintendent 1st class--3rd class: 3-1 3-pointed star
Constable 1st class-2nd class: 2-1 arrow star
Police cadet: no star

Collar tabs for winter uniforms

The 1st row (left to right):
public security (technical):superintendent 3rd class; superintendent 2nd class(2);superintendent 1st class

The 2nd row (left to right):
public security:constable 2nd class(2); supervisor 3rd class; police cadet.

The 3rd row (left to right):
prison guards: cadet; superintendent 1st class; superintendent 3rd class (technical); supervisor 2nd class (techinical)

cadet (public security); cadet (prison guards)
superintendent 1st class (prison guards); superintendent 1st class (public security-techinical)

cadet (public security); constable 2nd class (public security)

Left: superintendent 1st class (national scurity)-----blue border
Right: superintendent 2nd class (court police)---------yellow border

superintendent 2nd class (public security)---no border

Commissioner 3rd class(public security-technical)---white,no border
Note the 8-pointed star which indicates the level of commissioner.

Commissioner 3rd class(national security)---blue border
Note the two small buttons on the right of the collar tabs. they are for fixing the collar tabs on the collars, there are 2 buttons on the back of each collar tab, the two shown in the pic are reserves.:-)

"Soft" collar tabs for summer uniforms(shirts).
There were 2 versions: 1. earlier version (embroidered stars on velet); 2. later version (embroidered insignia on the same material used in "hard collar tabs<---I don't know what it is called in English).

Left: Supervisor 2nd class (public security--technical))---earlier version
Right: Superintendent 3rd class (national security-technical)---later version

Up: Vice Commissioner General (national security)---later version
Below: Commissioner General (national security)---earlier version

Note in the earlier version, the 8-pointed star has sharper angles than the later version does.
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Old 04-05-2003, 06:39 AM   #2
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Default Cool!

Very cool! Thanks. Any photos of these "in use"? Information about Chinese uniforms and medals are/is still rare over here.
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Old 04-06-2003, 04:36 PM   #3
David F
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Fantastic collection of Chinese shoulder boards.this would be the first i have ever seen these anywhere.
very nice indeed
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Re: Cool!
Old 04-08-2003, 12:12 PM   #4
Frank Soon
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Default Re: Cool!

Originally posted by Jeff McCulloh
Very cool! Thanks. Any photos of these "in use"? Information about Chinese uniforms and medals are/is still rare over here.
Only found some small pics of these collar tabs in use. Cause these were used 10 years ago, very rare on the web now.

These men above all belong to Public Security (No border on their collar tabs). White uniforms were worn by the traffic cops.

I'll post some information about Chinese rank insignia and medals later.

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