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I think it's a good movie that stands up well to a second viewing. It's not perfect but it's not as bad as some are making out.

The cinematography, soundtrack & CGI are all excellent. The overlapping stories in staggered timelines got confusing, but it all came together in the end.

It's a very 'Christopher Nolan' kind of a movie in terms of the feel of the scenes, the way the soundtrack paces long wandering scenes and so on.

I thought the opening scenes (despite historically inaccurate) were very well done. The glider one on the other hand became an annoying clanger. I came away thinking Nolan was leaving some breadcrumbs for a Battle of Britain epic at some point in the future. There was a lot of emphasis on the RAF in this movie which I didn't fully understand.

I can ignore the wrong guns, post war boats and wrong aicrcaft details, I think getting bogged down in the minutiae is missing the point a bit. It was a huge operation and story, parts were left out and it could have been done 50 different ways, so I don't think it's fair to criticise on just the parts left out. Personally when I think of Dunkirk I always think of the soldiers (including many from Eire who joined the British Army) standing for hours in waist high water freezing and waiting their turn, this part didn't seem to make the movie at all.

It was also refreshing to see the Germans not referred to constantly as 'dem nazeees', & that they didn't crowbar into the movie the usual ww2 movie elements. I like the way the movie dealt with this part of the war in isolation to the rest of the war, it was a unique event and the film kept that clear.
Overall 8/10
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Originally Posted by ValhallaMilitaria View Post
I must be older because what hooked me was seeing a copy of Sgt Rock or GI Combat sitting high on a shelf in the grocery store while my Mother was wheeling the shopping cart with me in it down the aisle. I reached out for it, drawn to the Germans on the cover and had to have it. I was 7 years old. As I grew older (but never up) I was drawn to building models of ww2 vehicles and aircraft, of all sides and of course, blowing them up or shooting at them with my BB gun.
As for the film being discussed here, I still haven't seen it, it's not on HBO, Starz or any of my other 'free' channels yet.
Now that is also glorious!

The thing is that history is a pretty dynamic subject if you can look in the right places. We all probably studied WW2 in the classroom, but our interest really caught fire from other sources...whether its a good book, a fun film, exciting toys, or even a video game.

While this isn't the most accurate documentary, the start of my love for WW2 naval history came from the Battle 360 USS Enterprise series. It's stained with 'MURICAN bias to a degree, but I was transfixed as a kid on the heroics of the Big E.

This is the Dunkirk mission from that game. Also, I do actually have a piece from the HMS Wakeful (the destroyer in this mission: the game has her destroyed by a Ju-87, but she was destroyed by a torpedo boat in real life).

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I've seen it a few times in the past week now Sky are showing it for free.

Much better second time around and third and forth.

Not brilliant but okay IMO

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