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Oskar Gröning Passes
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Geoff Walden
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Default Oskar Gröning Passes

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Tom B
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Originally Posted by Geoff Walden View Post
Very interesting. Thank you for posting this Geoff. Tom
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Gran Sasso
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Good for him
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The Evil That Men Do
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Stephen Smith
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Default The Evil That Men Do

Originally Posted by Gran Sasso View Post
Good for him
"Human rights violations? There is no such thing. There is only the security of the state and those who'd undermine that security."

Gröning led a normal middle-class life after the war. A keen stamp collector, he was once at his local philately club's annual meeting, more than 40 years after the war, when he fell into a conversation about politics with the man next to him.The man told him it was "terrible" that Holocaust denial was illegal in Germany, and went on to tell Gröning how so many bodies could not have been burnt, and that the volume of gas that was supposed to have been used would have killed all living things in the vicinity.

Gröning said little in response to these statements, replying only: "I know a little more about that, we should discuss it some time." The man recommended a pamphlet by Holocaust denier Thies Christophersen. Gröning obtained a copy and mailed it to Christophersen, having written his own commentary on it, which included the words:
"I saw everything," he writes. "The gas chambers, the cremations, the selection process. One and a half million Jews were murdered in Auschwitz. I was there."
Gröning then began receiving phone calls and letters from strangers who tried to tell him Auschwitz was not actually a place for exterminating human beings in gas chambers.

It became apparent that his comments condemning Holocaust denial had been printed in a neo-Nazi magazine, and that most of the anonymous calls and letters were "From people who tried to prove that what I had seen with my own eyes, what I had experienced in Auschwitz was a big, big mistake, a big hallucination on my part because it hadn't happened."

As a result of such comments, Gröning decided to speak openly about his experiences, and publicly denounce people who maintain the events he witnessed never happened. He says his message to Holocaust deniers is:
I would like you to believe me. I saw the gas chambers. I saw the crematoria. I saw the open fires. I would like you to believe that these atrocities happened, because I was there.

Oskar Groening said that the screams of those in the gas chambers had never left him, and he never returned to Auschwitz because of his shame. He said he felt guilt towards the Jewish people, and for being part of the organisation that committed crimes against them, despite "not having been one of the perpetrators myself" (Delusional). He asked for forgiveness from God and from the Jewish people.

Rest in peace Oskar, with the forgiveness of God and the prisoners of Auschwitz.

I hope that they are listening when you weren't.
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I hope that he will now be allowed to slip away from sometimes daft internet questions such as " Do you think he should be jailed", they usually result in polarised discussions and insults....... For all his past I think it is time to allow him some peace, his speaking out against Holocaust Denial has earned him this small consideration.
RIP Herr Groning.
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Would these people have felt any guilt or remorse should the war gone the other way ........
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Originally Posted by Gran Sasso View Post
Good for him
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