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i heard that repro/fake plaques exist, is it true and if yes, anyone can post one ?

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No fakes to my knowledge yet, although now that the dimensions are posted here it is only a matter of time.

What is fake are the dark red cases that were added in the nineties to a bunch of then found original unissued plaques. Those plaques were good, but the cases are fake. The one Mario shows is a general case, these exist also in light blue and these were used for other medals/plaques as well.

Christopher Ailsby stole this old scheme posted on the previous page around 2007 from me, i asked him many times to not spread it any further, but being the thief he is he refuses and wants to show it off on his blog as if it is his own information. Pathetic idiot. Then again, everything on his blog and in his books is stolen, but i guess we all know that.

The number of only 30 existing plaques is old collectors legend and not correct anymore. Im aware of about 150 original ones and have pictures of most of those for my research. Still mighty rare indeed! I do expect more to exist. A few old collectos have been hoarding them with one collector i know having over 30 of these himself. A large number were never issued to the family because of the course of the war and the war's end, yet the plaques were made and pop up every now and then.

Jo Rivett has examined mine and it will be subject of a SODcast in the future i guess. This will be good information in case these will get faked, and they will!

As Mario mentioned, around 1k is the price nowadays.

Mark, so good to see you posting and see you still collecting the Dutch stuff. I hope all is well? I might have more on Polman, but need some time to locate it. Facebook banned my old account a while ago, but you have my e-mail.

best regards,
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Rene Chavez
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Good information Gaston I will make some corrections in my web site in regards to the quantity.
Question weren't you making a book on Dutch collaboration awards?

Rene Chavez
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