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Indo China Wars 1945 - 1975. Covering, French Indo China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, etc.

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Originally Posted by Ron P View Post
Do you know what ultimately happened to her and her family? Ron.
She was killed by her husband in a dispute later in the same year (1965). He served a year in prison for the death, which he claimed was self defense.
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D. Michael Kim
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Here is a article of the Tiger Lady as she was known by the soldiers and public. In my conversations with Maj. Devlin, she was a Ranger all the way.

I have been looking for a magazine article for over 40 years and have not found it. I believe it was published in Life Magazine.

The Tiger Lady

Her exploits were legend¬ary, even in the war tom region of Southeast Asia. She marched and fought with one of the most re-
spected military units in Vietnam: the South Vietnamese 44th Ranger Battalion-"The Black Tigers." Madame Ho Thi Qu~, or "The Ti-ger Lady", had earned her reputa¬tion the hard way, and her fame had spread throughout South Vietnam.
Her husband, Major Nguyen Van Dan-the commander of the 44th Rangers-was also a warrior. He had been awarded almost every South Vietnamese military medal that was issued. His 44th Ranger Battalion had been awarded the U.S. Presidential Unit Citation¬ the first South Vietnamese unit to be so honored.
It was during the beginning of the American troop build-up in an unconventional war that would take thousands of American lives be-fore it drew to a close. It was a war where American advisors fought side-by-side with their Vietnam¬ese counterparts, often dying in the process. It was a war where the field advisor spent as much time trying to understand the nature of the people, their culture, and his own existence, than he did his mis¬sion of containing Communist in¬surgency.
It was a war in which stories would emerge of great warriors and their performances on the field of battle; some apocryphal, some true.
"The Tiger Lady", Madame Ho Thi Que, the colorful female warrior or the 44th Ranger Battalion, dressed in jungle fatigues and wearing her pearl handled .45 automatic. This photo was taken during a combat operation in the Mekong Delta in the summer of 1965. (UPI photo)
The story of the Tiger Lady was just such a story, a courageous and remarkable woman and soldier.
In 1965 the South Vietnamese people were shocked when they heard the news that Madame Ho Thi Que had been shot and killed by her husband, Major Nguyen Van
Dan. Major Dan was quickly ar¬rested and jailed in connection with the death of his wife. On May 5, 1966, after a quick trial, he was sentenced to serve one year in prison for the "murder." In court he had testified that Ma¬dame Que had attacked him with a knife when she had found him with a younger woman in the tiny village of Vi Thanh, a village of¬ten used by the 44th Ranger Bat¬talion as a forward support base during their operations in the U¬Minh Forest.
He claimed to have shot her in self-defense, stating that "her jeal¬ousy was as fierce as her courage in combat." The prosecutor had countered that the Major hated his wife and had killed her be¬cause he thought her jealousy had ruined his career.
Other ranking South Vietnam¬ese officers believed that Dan was distraught over the fact that he had been replaced as battalion commander of the 44th after the unit had suffered a disastrous de¬feat after being ambushed by two Viet Cong battalions. The rang¬ers had lost 58 KIA and over 70 wounded, including all of the American advisors attached to the battalion. Shortly afterwards, while a full investigation was un¬derway, he had been quietly trans¬felTed to a lesser position as a security officer in another area of operations.
There was a general consensus among many of his fellow offic¬ers that the Saigon government
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D. Michael Kim
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I had the honor of meeting Maj Nguyen Van Dan in 1967 when he was the Commander of a Infantry Battalion of the 49th Regt. and he impressed me as a Soldiers' Soldier!

One evening the V.C. conducted a mission to capture or kill him and the advisors of the unit, for they specifically attacked the house where he and our battalion used as our headquarters. They captured him and while they were leading him away eventually killed him. It is our belief that he put up a strong resistance and instead of knocking him out and carrying him away they shot him and left him on the trail.

He probably realized that it would have been a propaganda coup, and gave his life to prevent it.

Senior Ranger Advisor Captain Gerard M. Devlin-author of Paratrooper¬with Major Nguyen Van Dan, commander of the 44th Ranger Battalion. Dan was one of the Republic of Vietnam's most decorated war heroes. Devlin received the Distinguished Service Cross, Bronze Star with "V", the Purple Heart, and multiple awards of the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry during his tour with the 44th.(Photo courtesy of Mike Martin}
They had been looking for an excuse to relieve Major Dan. A great deal of resentment had arisen against him because of the many heralded victories of the 44th Ranger Battalion, the reputation of the Tiger Lady, and his own personal success. Like his wife, Nguyen Van Dan was a colorful figure. He had led his
rangers on many successful com¬bat operations, which made his fellow commanders pale in comparison. Wearing his maroon beret in place of a helmet, and armed only with a .38 caliber revolver, he was an inspiration to his men. He car-ried a lacquered swagger stick which he used with dramatic flair
in the heat of battle to exhort his rangers in the attack. But his success was not enough to protect him from the petty jealousies of his fellow officers.
After the trial, Dan stated, "I accept the verdict. It was inevitable." He showed no remorse for the death of his wife and long time companion.
She often reverted to swearing, shouting, and sometimes even slapping the culprit to drive her point home.
Known as "Big Sister" by the Vietnamese rangers who fought by her side, they remembered her for both her temper and her kindness. Many a ranger had felt her wrath when she caught them stealing a chicken or looting a villager's be-longings. She often reverted to swearing, shouting, and sometimes even slapping the culprit to drive her point home. But at other times, her compassion and understanding were the soothing balm that comforted a wounded or dying soldier. She felt a deep sense of responsibility for all her ranger brothers.
Caring for the wounded on the battlefield, or approaching stubborn government bureaucrats to insure that a dead ranger's family received the benefits due them, was as much a part of her personality as the open hate she harbored for the enemy. She would not hesitate to lend or give money to the wives and families of wounded or slain rangers to tide them over during their period of grief. She felt their pain, some¬times shaving her head in a sign of mourning. She attended the customary burials conducted for the dead, and through her mask of grief
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Originally Posted by kammo man View Post
Typical girl yakking on the phone.
Even in war when you are just trying to have a quite battle the girl always finds a Prc 25 somewhere and yaks all battle long ..............
About what I do not know.
But it happens.

I love your answer, really !
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