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Communications Equipment Radio, telephony and radar equipment

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Old 07-08-2018, 11:41 AM   #31
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Before even thinking about technical design and layout I think we need to take a step back and think about the basics. Whatever you set up costs time and money, and somehow that has to be recouped. If balancing this is already an obvious challenge for a large established forum like the WAF, I simply can't see how this would work for a tiny niche forum.

Another thing going against us is traffic volume, forums live and die by the amount of traffic they attract. There seems to be a minimum critical flow required that a) keeps people interested and b) generates enough "word of mouth" advertising for the forum to grow. Right now, reenactors seem to be the only population able to create sufficient traffic to meet this critical flow and I suspect they would want to see a different forum to what most of us would like to see.

For all its faults, I still believe the WAF has the greatest potential. Balancing the investments and income is obviously a challenge that the owner is actively grappling with and we can only hope he is serious about sorting this out.

Like it or not, a niche subject like ours will have to be a small part of the larger forum to create the traffic flow we need to survive. Here on the WAF we have the advantage that all WAF members see when we post new content, it is up to us to make them sound interesting enough to pull them in and contribute and grow this section. WE can actually make this forum great again by regularly posting interesting topics, show great photographs and dare I say: cater a bit more for the reenactment fraternity....

I will get off my soap box now...


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Yuri D.
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After thinking about it, I would have to agree with Funksammler. We have a good thing here, and we should work on improving it.
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Old 07-09-2018, 08:13 AM   #33
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I wouldn't count on quick improvement here.
Read the moderator Dietrich Maerz's comment.

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Old 07-09-2018, 12:16 PM   #34
Yuri D.
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We can pray for the best here.
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Old 07-10-2018, 04:09 PM   #35
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The main question is:
Do you only want a forum for communications Equipment and technical stuff or do you want to have a connection to other types of Militaria collectors.
Funksammlers thoughts are right in this way: If you want to reach a big ammount of people you need a forum for all military stuff. And that's the WAF!

If you will build a specialised forum it depends on how many people will use it.

Just an example:
If I take a look to the Facebook-Groups, I can see that (including the US Signal Stuff) there are round about 500 people that are interested in WW1 / WW2 communication equipment.
I would say about 120 are specialised in collecting this stuff and lets say about 200 are just interested in Reenactment stuff like reproductions and so on.
The rest are just people who are interested a bit in this stuff - Collectors of military equipment for example.

The question is: Would these people take part in an WW1 / WW2 Communications specialised forum?
I would say a few... but not too many.

If you want to reach this guys you need to have a specialised section in an Militaria-Forum like the WAF.

Facebook is a nice thing to bring collectors together but it can't replace a forum. The search function isn't built for that, no categories, no good overview, etc..

So if you would build a separate communication-specialised Forum you need to include some more stuff:
- WW1 communications
- WW2 Communications
- Nato Communications,... ?
- Communications equipment
- Radios
- Fliedline Equipment
- Sell-, Trade-, Wanted Section
- ....

But you will never reach this huge ammount of people like you'd do with an militaria Forum.

Something like this will get a forum where only collectors of Communication-Stuff will communicate with each other.

Forums like "Wasser" or radiolexikon have the big problem that they don't use good looking, good balanced forum-technologies. They use free, easy solutions, what is OK and good for usage, but it doesn't attract a bigger community.

Last but not least, we can see what will happen here in the next time.

best regards,

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