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Indo China Wars 1945 - 1975. Covering, French Indo China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, etc.

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Individual Exploits of Germans in the French Foreign Legion
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Edward L. Hsiao
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Post Individual Exploits of Germans in the French Foreign Legion


Are there any websites about individual deeds of Germans in the French Foreign Legion. The stories about these Wehrmacht German veterans in the French Foreign are not much told today in the computer age. For example a veteran U-boat commander of WWII was a private in the FFL and fought bravely in French Indo China. Or a veteran Waffen-SS artillery commander did a splendid job as a enlisted man in the FFL directing artillery on Vietcong positions. I'm sure there were veteran Wehrmacht snipers in the FFL having excellent marksmanship against the Vietcong. Fallschirmjager veterans jumping out of planes of the French Air Force while serving in the French Foreign Legion Parachute Regiment. Veteran Wehrmacht officers serving as enlisted men in the FFL providing excellent examples of untold bravery on the battlefield. I would be glad if someone would help me find a website of Germans in the French Foreign Legion and their individual bravery on the battlefield.


Edward L. Hsiao
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Chris Boonzaier
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You have to be careful to sort the BS from the truth with these stories....
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Association Member
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+1 on BS regarding this.
It gets really deep.
They were fighting Viet Minh.
Viet Cong had not materialized at that time.
The Parachute Regiment would have been made up of guys who went through their training.
I don't know if there were points for being a former jumper or not.
They jumped some non qualified guys into DBP as they needed anyone they could get.
I met a guy in Special Forces who made that jump.
Later made it into the US Army.
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Simon Murray in his fascinating book Legionnaire did say one of the instructors at para school ( he fought in Algeria) was an FJ at Monte Cassino ( which he says accounted for the mans foul mood )
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Lloyd I.
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Have you tried French sources? In today's day and age there are ample resources at your disposal even if you do not speak French. That is where the meat on the bone is.

Pierre Thoumalin l'ennemi utile, The Useful Enemy states that of the 73,000 FFL that served in indochina 30,000 were German or Austrian. From the FFL archives it is estimated that only 3,000-4,000 were ex W-SS members.

Here are some useful links. Perform a search in your browser on this Vétérans allemands de la légion étrangère française



Also I'll add +1 on the BS meter.

you should consider this"
"The FFL archives also reveal that hundreds of Germans, disgusted by the war, joined the communist lines. Over a month, it is common for hundreds of German legionaries to desert the Legion for the benefit of the Vietminh
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