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The wearing of Bundeswehr uniform?
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Default The wearing of Bundeswehr uniform?

Hey Guys,

Here's a general question for which I found no answer on the net and was hoping to get the answer from someone who is knowledgeable on the laws regarding the wear of the Bundeswehr uniform as a reservist. Am I allowed to wear the dress uniform as a reservist of the Bundeswehr to formal occasions?

Thanks in advance.

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Proud Kraut
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reserve personnel has to request a special permission (Uniformtrageerlaubnis) for wearing uniform. If this permission is granted reservists are allowed to wear dress and combat uniforms to official occasions. As special insignia reservists wear a black/red/yellow (national colors) twisted cord. Marine (Navy) reservists are wearing a golden metal "R" with their rank insignia.

Unfortunately there's no English translation of the regarding Wikipedia article:


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Lars, vielen Dank Kamarad. Das sind genau die Informationen die ich brauche!!😉

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Gordon Craig
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An English copy of the above regulations.

Uniform wearing permission
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UTE is a redirect to this article. For other meanings of UTE see Ute .
As uniform wear permission (UTE) in the parlance of the German Federal Armed Forces and the Austrian Armed Forces the legally justified permission to wear the uniform outside of a military service relationship by reservists and former soldiers called.

1 Bundeswehr
1.1 Legal basis
1.2 occasions
1.3 Application, authorization and responsibilities
1.3.1 Application
1.3.2 Special case events of soldiers / reservist associations
1.3.3 Exclusions
1.4 Suit type and marking
2 federal army
3 See also
4 web links
5 individual proofs

Shoulder flap Major with so-called reservist cord (marking "outside of a military service relationship")
Legal basis
The Reservists Act forms the legal basis with § 3 (authorization to wear the uniform outside of a military service relationship) . It is governed by the Uniform Rules (UnifV) [1] and by Section 4.9 (Uniform wearers outside of a military service relationship ) and Annex 8.29 (Provisions for wearing the uniform outside of a military service relationship ) of the Central Regulation A2-1300 / 0-0-2 "The Reserve of the Bundeswehr " [2] of the Armed Forces Office formulated and substantiated.

To carry a Bundeswehr uniform outside of a military service is a UTE mandatory, offenses constitute a criminal offense in accordance with § 132a StGB .

According to the legal basis mentioned, the uniform wearing license may be issued on the following occasions:

festive family events, such as weddings, baptisms or occasions of similar importance ( § 3 No. 1 UnifV),
Burials of relatives and comrades (§ 3 No. 2 UnifV),
festive events and public commemoration ceremonies of the Federal Government, the federal states and municipalities and other public bodies (§ 3 No. 3 UnifV),
Events of soldiers and reservists associations, to which there is no contact ban of the Bundeswehr (§ 3 No. 4 UnifV),
other representative or in the interest of the Bundeswehr particularly worthy of events (§ 3 No. 5 UnifV) and
Travel to official events according to § 81 Soldiers Act including return trips (§ 3 No. 6 UnifV).
Application, authorization and responsibilities
The uniform wearing license is to be applied for personally and is only issued in special cases ex officio (eg according to § 3 item 6 UnifV). Responsible for the receipt of the application and its approval is the final disciplinary superior of the soldiers or competent for the residence of the soldiers Land Command , in special cases (for example, for a carrying permit for foreign countries), the Armed Forces Office . The permit must be carried while the uniform is worn. He must be presented at the request of the police or field hunters. Alternatively, a valid ID card for reservists (ID Res)as UTE. A separate application for the UTE is then not required, but the card must be renewed regularly (unlike the lifelong UTE). The loss of uniform wear permission results in the collection of the Res card .

Pursuant to Section 6 (2) UnifV, the uniform wear permission is issued on occasions under § 3 prov. 1 to 4 UnifV general and indefinite (but with reservation of revocation) granted. Events according to para. 5 to 6, however, are each subject to individual approval.

Special case events of soldiers / reservist associations
A special feature is paragraph 4 of § 3 UnifV (events of soldiers and reservists associations) :

On the one hand, the approval applies only to soldiers and reservists associations, "to which there is no contact ban of the Bundeswehr". In practice, the Bundeswehr defines this in a positive list of so-called beneficiary associations , [3] of which the largest is the Association of Reserves of the German Armed Forces (Reservistenverband) , in which most of the active reservists are members.
On the other hand, even for these associations, the authorization is not automatic, but should be decided on a case-by-case basis within the association on a case-by-case basis if the uniform wearing license is issued for a certain event. In the Reservist Association, this is decided at the request of the Organizer by the Board of the next highest level of association; the type of approval is then called VVag with UTE (association event with uniform wear permission ) and is deemed to have been granted if it has been entered in the VdRBw event database with this note.
Exclusion facts
The permission to wear the uniform may acc. § 4 UnifV not be granted:

in the exercise of a profession or honorary post ,
at political events within the meaning of § 15 Abs. 3 Soldiers Act,
in the participation in flag consecrations .
Suit type and marking
The uniform is outside a military service relationship according to § 2 Abs. 2 UnifV with a black-red-gold cord as Überziehschlaufe on the epaulettes between sleeve insert and rank insignia ( Army and Air Force ) or with a gold letter "R" in conjunction with the rank insignia , if this is worn on the sleeve ( navy ), to mark.

Anzugsart outside of a military service ratio is basically the service uniform (base form, optionally with additions / modifications), or the company suit .

In exceptional cases, after approval by the provincial command (for domestic) or the Armed Forces Department (for foreign countries) the field dress ( camouflage , general, basic form, possibly with additions / modifications) may be worn; the same (as a basic form, possibly with weather-related additions) applies to events of favored soldiers and reservists associations according to § 3 Ziff. 4 UnifV at the express request (eg in the invitation) of the approver. [4]

Federal Army
In Austria, § 35 of the Wehrgesetz regulates the uniform wearing authority. According to this, conscripts of the militia and reserve status, who hold a rank under § 6 of the Wehrgesetz, are entitled to wear the uniform corresponding to their respective rank and category. This is only permitted at

Events of local authorities ,
other events involving delegations of the Federal Army, and special family celebrations.
Furthermore, the uniform may, with the consent of the relevant military
command, be worn in all cases in which this is in the interests of military service.


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