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New Flag - Safe to Iron?
Old 09-26-2018, 05:25 PM   #1
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Default New Flag - Safe to Iron?

I recently purchased this female housing RAD pennant online. Unfortunately, it seems like the previous owner did a bit of a botch job folding it in the past and it's super wrinkled. The seller did not offer any info about what type of fabric it is, but I did the burn test and the single fiber burned slowly. What are your thoughts on ironing it for display? Would it be safe?

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Originally Posted by 101combatvet View Post
Would there be another way of getting those pesky wrinkles out, then?
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another way ???
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Default another way ???

Originally Posted by BlackViper0823 View Post
Would there be another way of getting
those pesky wrinkles out, then?
Gravity - no kidding. I've hung flags, and over time
the material fold creases do seem to relax somewhat.
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Old 09-30-2018, 09:29 AM   #5
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OFW asked that I share my experience, after speaking with him via PM:

Let me start by saying that I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE DO THIS(unless you are sure of what you are doing, and absolutely comfortable doing it. When it comes to "objects from 'the past'", there are fewer greater tragedies then for something to survive for decades or centuries only to be ruined and/or destroyed by collectors 'messing with them'). I present this information for educational purposes only, and bear no responsibility for actions taken by the reader.

This pennant appears to be made of cotton, which means it should be safe to iron. I've successfully ironed a cotton podium banner, using the methods/rules outlined here.

This ONLY applies to COTTON flags, and these methods SHOULD NOT be used on silk, or any other material, and should not be used at all, if you are the least bit unsure about the material. Like most restoration & conservation work, it is a slow, time-consuming process - Do a little, check it...do a little more, check it again, and so-on. You want to avoid doing "too much"; You can always "do a little more", but you can't undo "too much", once you've done it...

I strongly recommend working in bright, natural light, but if this is impossible, the brightest-possible lighting is the next best thing. You want to be able to see any problems as soon as possible.

1. Do NOT use any steam at all, at any time.

2. Use the absolute lowest-possible heat setting.

3. Put the flag between 2 clean "prepped"* cotton sheets or thin clean cotton towels (white is best), to avoid exposing the flag to direct heat, and any chemical residue that may be present on the ironing board. (Do not use any sheets with printed patterns - depending on the dyes used, there is a risk of color transferrence, so 'solid white' cotton is best). *"Prepped" sheets - Before using, thoroughly hand-wash the sheets, without using any soap, and allow them to hang until they are completely dry.

4. Test an area along the edge, or another "out of the way" place for color-fastness. If you notice any colors transferring to the sheet, do not continue (this is why ironing between White sheets/thin towels is preferred - transferrence will be easier to see).

5. When ironing, keep the iron moving - Do NOT allow the iron to rest in one place for longer than a couple of seconds.

6. Iron the flag 1 color at a time. If I was going to iron the flag posted by the original poster, I would iron the White parts first, followed by the Reds, and ending with the Black parts. (If there is any risk of "color bleed", the reds will probably be where you will see it. By ironing the colors in a progressively darker order, if there is any color transferrence its visibility will be concealed by the darker color).

Like most conservation/restoration projects, this is a slow process. I know I sound like a broken record, but please do not attempt this, or any other similar project, if you are at all uncomfortable about it, or don't have the patience needed to do this kind of work. Doing nothing, is better than doing damage...


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Old 09-30-2018, 08:43 PM   #6
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Dry cleaners would prob do the best job.
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